The Route

LIVE starting Saturday, March 21

Watch our progress here! To view the entire trip, click the dropdown menu at the top right corner of the map, then click "RIT Tiger Trail", then click "Adjustments" and select "ALL" from the "History" select menu (instead of just "1 Day").


The Route


The relay will begin on Saturday, March 21 in Auburn, Alabama, and will finish on Sunday, March 29 here at RIT.

Of the schools participating in Tigers for Tigers, the Tiger Trail will connect with Auburn University (Auburn, Alabama), Brenau University (Gainesville, Georgia), University of South Carolina (Columbia, South Carolina), Clemson College (Clemson, South Carolina), Towson University (Towson, Maryland), Princeton University (Princeton, New Jersey), SUNY Cobleskill (Cobleskill, New York), and of course RIT.

Auburn University to Brenau University

Auburn, Alabama to Gainesville, Georgia

This portion of the relay is expected to be completed before the end of day 1. It covers 166 miles and passes through Georgia's capital city of Atlanta.

Brenau University to Clemson University

Gainesville, Georgia to Clemson, South Carolina

This is the shortest leg of the relay. It covers about 75 miles and is expected to be completed before mid-day of day 2.

Clemson University to University of South Carolina

Clemson, South Carolina to Columbia, South Carolina

Ending in the capital city of South Carolina, this leg of the relay is the only time during which we will be moving south as opposed to north towards RIT. We expect to arrive at USC on day 3 after running the 128 miles from Clemson.

University of South Carolina to Towson University

Columbia, South Carolina to Towson, Maryland

At over 500 miles, this leg is the longest leg of the relay. From South Carolina, it passes through North Carolina, Virginia, and briefly through Washington DC before ending in Towson, Maryland. We're expecting to reach Towson by the end of day 5 or early day 6.

Towson University to Princeton University

Towson, Maryland to Princeton, New Jersey

This leg will take us to over 1000 miles from the start of the relay, and is expected to finish before the end of day 6. The leg runs from Maryland through Pennsylvania, just around Philadelphia, and into New Jersey.

Princeton University to State University of New York at Cobleskill

Princeton, New Jersey to Cobleskill, New York

The journey from Princeton to Cobleskill will last a little more than a day. The route here travels almost due north, just adjacent to the Pennsylvania border.

State University of New York at Cobleskill to Rochester Institute of Technology

Cobleskill, New York to Rochester, New York

After nearly 1400 miles, the Tiger Trail relay will finally come to an end on Sunday, March 29. The path from Cobleskill to RIT is 182 miles into familiar territory, but no doubt the closer we get, the faster it will feel.