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What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is an originality checking tool.

Where can faculty access Turnitin?

Originality checks for course papers are done in myCourses. Instructor how-to-information is here. More support for myCourses is available from Teaching & Learning Services.

Non-course papers can be submitted by RIT faculty using their personal Turnitin account at Examples of non-course papers faculty may want to check include theses, dissertations or papers for publication. Most RIT teaching faculty already have a Turnitin account for this purpose. Go to the password recovery to confirm you already have an account. If you do not have an account email to request one.

Support documentation and training for Turnitin is available from the Instructor Resource Hub and Turnitin's Youtube Channel and Turnitin webinars.

Turnitin Considerations & Best Practices:

  • State in a course syllabus, written handouts, or in myCourses that students will be submitting their papers to Turnitin as part of their class work.
  • Remind students to remove their names and other identifying information from documents before submitting those documents to the Turnitin system.
  • Have an entire class submit their papers electronically to Turnitin through the myCourses Dropbox rather than checking only one or two student papers.
  • Reassure students that they will always retain the copyright for their work.
  • If you are submitting a paper outside of myCourses remove all identifying author information (e.g. student’s name) from the document being submitted to the Turnitin system.  This is to protect the privacy of the student author.
  • Decide if you want the item retained in in the Turnitin STANDARD PAPER REPOSITORY or not. A repository is a database of previously submitted papers. Faculty can select between two options: to store submitted papers in the STANDARD PAPER REPOSITORY or NO REPOSITORY. Faculty can add papers to the Turnitin repositories through myCourses submissions or a direct Turnitin account with STANDARD PAPER REPOSITORY enabled. 
  • In a personal account confirm the repository settings are set to your repository choice. When you are adding a new assignment, you should expand the “Optional settings” to get access the SUBMIT PAPERS TO feature to confirm it is set to the repository setting you want for your submission. Your choices are STANDARD PAPER REPOSITORY meaning a copy of the paper is kept in Turnitin’s repository or NO REPOSITORY which will not store a copy of the paper. Check this setting every time you submit a paper.
  • For repository settings in myCourses check with Teaching and Learning Services on how to set this.
  • It is not necessary to remove a paper from the database in order to exclude a paper as an originality match on a Turnitin report. If a paper has been previously submitted, a faculty member can exclude the original submission on the Turnitin report. Instructions here.
  • Faculty members can request to have a paper permanently removed from the Turnitin database. Please provide your Turnitin Administrator with the class ID, paper ID, and the assignment name. Your administrator will then raise a ticket with the Turnitin Support Team to request the paper's removal.
  • Click here to see where to find the Paper ID for papers submitted through myCourses
  • Click here to see where to find the Paper ID for papers submitted through


Maintenance Information

Turnitin will be discontinuing support for Internet Explorer (IE) starting August 31, 2020. After August 31st, you will still be able to access Turnitin products using IE, but Turnitin products will no longer be updated to work seamlessly on the IE browser. Please begin accessing Turnitin with a different browser at your earliest convenience.


Please contact the Turnitin Administrator: