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Q: What is the Community Impact Fund?

A:  Donations and investments to United Way’s Community Impact Fund support an interconnected network of critical programs and community strategies aimed at addressing real challenges with real solutions. The goal is to reduce poverty and improve quality of life throughout our region by focusing on 3 key areas: Health, Education and Economic Mobility.

Q: How much of my money actually goes to the agencies themselves and not UW’s overhead costs?
A:  92 cents of every dollar goes directly to community organizations and programs, which goes above and beyond the guidelines for fundraising according to Charity Navigator and the BBB Wise Giving Alliance. United Way partner organizations and programs CHOOSE to participate in the United Way campaign because it is an effective, efficient way for them to fundraise.

Q: I saw something about United Way’s CEO making lots of money. Are you sure my money isn’t going to pay his salary?
A: United Way of Greater Rochester is separate from United Way Worldwide. Again, only 8 cents of every dollar donated goes toward fundraising costs, operating costs, and salaries. Charity Navigator, the country’s largest independent charity evaluator, gives United Way of Greater Rochester 4 out of 4 stars.

Q: Is RIT forcing me to give to United Way?
A: RIT and United Way of Greater Rochester don’t want anyone to feel forced to give. RIT offers United Way as a simple, convenient means for employees to invest in the Greater Rochester community.

Q: I have to make a big donation to make an impact, right?
A: Nope! Every dollar counts. If you only have a few dollars to give, consider donating to the Community Fund where all new or increased donations will be matched by ESL Federal Credit Union up to $500,000.

Q: Is my donation just a handout?
A: All United Way partner programs and initiatives are monitored, measured and evaluated regularly to confirm they’re achieving positive outcomes for local people in need.

Q: Does United Way support Planned Parenthood?
A: Planned Parenthood is on United Way’s Donor Choice list – individual donors must designate money to PP specifically, and that is the only means by which they receive money through United Way.

Q: Is my donation used outside of the Greater Rochester area?
A: No! Every dollar given to United Way stays here in the Greater Rochester community.

Q: What if I don’t live in Rochester and I want to help people in
my community?

A: United Way of Greater Rochester helps people all across Monroe County and works with regional partners serving communities living in Genesee, Livingston, Ontario, Wayne and Wyoming counties. You will even find specific partners based in these areas on the list of organizations to which you can direct your donation.