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Volunteers are the foundation of any successful campaign, and ours is no exception. Steering Committee members represent all of the colleges and divisions on campus. This team donates time to plan, organize, strategize and implement a highly creative and innovative campaign. 

Key Captains are the heart of the campaign and are responsible for the outreach to each department across campus. These 130 volunteers are responsible for communicating the campaign message and following up during the donation process with co-workers. Our continual success can be credited in large part to the outstanding leadership of this wonderful cadre of volunteers who bring new and innovative ideas, energy and excitement to this endeavor each year.

Key Captains

College/Division Organization Name Key Captain Name Co KC Name
College of Art and Design CAD Dean's Office Gladney, Gracie
CAD Facilities Gladney, Gracie
CAD Film and Animation Barnard, Mary
CAD Image Permanence Institute Wuest, Carol
CAD Photo Sciences DeRomanis, Lisa
CAD School for American Crafts Purvis, Lauren
CAD School of Art Purvis, Lauren
CAD School of Design Teuscher, Debora Haschmann, Marie
CAD School of Media Sciences Carroll, Marcia
CAD School of Photo Arts and Sciences DeRomanis, Lisa
College of Engineering Technology CET Center for Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly Knopf, Julie
CET Dean's Office Quartieri, Gail
CET Department of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering Tech Gurbacki, Pamela
CET Dept of Civil Engineering Tech & Environmental Mgmt Sickles, Amy
CET Hospitality and Tourism Management Hems, Lorraine
CET Manufacturing & Mechanical Eng Tech Knopf, Julie
CET Packaging Science Knopf, Julie
CET Service Systems Harris, Lori
College of Liberal Arts CLA-Criminal Justice Barone, Keri
CLA-Dean's Office Barone, Keri Cameron, Kari
CLA-Economics Barone, Keri Cameron, Kari
CLA-English Barone, Keri Cameron, Kari
CLA-History Barone, Keri Cameron, Kari
CLA-Modern Languages & Cultures Barone, Keri Cameron, Kari
CLA-Performing Arts and Visual Culture Barone, Keri Cameron, Kari
CLA-Philosophy Barone, Keri Cameron, Kari
CLA-Political Science Barone, Keri Cameron, Kari
CLA-Psychology Barone, Keri Cameron, Kari
CLA-Public Policy Barone, Keri Cameron, Kari
CLA-School of Communication Barone, Keri Cameron, Kari
CLA-Science, Technology, and Society Barone, Keri Cameron, Kari
CLA-Sociology/Anthropology Barone, Keri Cameron, Kari
College of Science COS Center for Detectors McGowan, Jane
COS Center for Imaging Science Warren, Melanie
COS Color Science McGowan, Jane Green, Melanie
COS Dean's Office McGowan, Jane Green, Melanie
COS Integrated Sciences Academy McGowan, Jane Green, Melanie
COS School of Chemistry and Materials Science Madden, Autumn
COS School of Mathematical Sciences
COS School of Physics and Astronomy McGowan, Jane Green, Melanie
COS Thomas H Gosnell School of Life Sciences Evans, Irene
Development and Alumni Relations Administrative Management and Assessment Kubera-Martin, Jacqueline
Advancement Services Kubera-Martin, Jacqueline
Alumni, Parent and Annual Giving Programs Kubera-Martin, Jacqueline
Development - Vice President Kubera-Martin, Jacqueline
Marketing and Donor Relations Kubera-Martin, Jacqueline
University Development and Engagement Kubera-Martin, Jacqueline
Diversity and Inclusion Arthur O Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program Caito, Elizbeth
Multicultural Center for Academic Success Tornow, Megan
Office for Diversity and Inclusion Caito, Elizbeth
Office of Faculty Diversity and Recruitment Caito, Elizbeth
TriO Upward Bound Caito, Elizbeth
Enrollment Management Enrollment Marketing Emblidge, Mark
Enrollment Systems and Analytics Emblidge, Mark
Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships Rios, Lori
Office of Part-Time and Graduate Enrollment Services Beczak, Katherine
Office of Undergraduate Admissions Emblidge, Mark
Project Lead The Way Pillittere, Sarah
VP Enrollment Management Beczak, Katherine
Finance & Administration Accounting and Financial Reporting Gause, Gwendolyn
Aux-Artesano Bakery & Cafe Hillman, Kristyn
Aux-Beanz Sanders, Norman
Aux-Brick City Cafe Hillman, Kristyn
Aux-Corner Store Hillman, Kristyn
Aux-Crossroads Cafe & Market Hillman, Kristyn
Aux-Digital Den Gause, Gwendolyn
Aux-Dining Services Hillman, Kristyn
Aux-Dining Services Central Hillman, Kristyn
Aux-Dining Services West Hillman, Kristyn
Aux-Global Village Cantina & Grill Hillman, Kristyn
Aux-Grace Watson Dining Room Sanders, Norman
Aux-Housing Operations Admin Black, Donna
Aux-Midnight Oil Hillman, Kristyn
Aux-RIT Catering Hillman, Kristyn
Aux-Ritz Sports Zone Hillman, Kristyn
Aux-Shumway Dining Commons Hillman, Kristyn
Aux-Sol's Underground Hillman, Kristyn
Compliance & Ethics Clements, Stacy
Controllers Office Gause, Gwendolyn
Endpoint Engineering Services Parker-Killings, Ardelia
FMS 40 Franklin Street Randall, Barbara
FMS Administrative Operations Randall, Barbara
FMS Administrative Services Randall, Barbara
FMS Bldg Controls Mgmt Randall, Barbara
FMS Building Services Randall, Barbara
FMS Construction Services Randall, Barbara
FMS Engineering Services Randall, Barbara
FMS Grounds Randall, Barbara
FMS HTI Randall, Barbara
FMS Maintenance Services Randall, Barbara
FMS Planning & Design Services Randall, Barbara
FMS President's Residence Randall, Barbara
FMS Shipping & Receiving Randall, Barbara
FMS Small Projects & Sign Shop Randall, Barbara
FMS Utilities Maintenance Randall, Barbara
Global Risk Management Services Decarlo, Sandra
Global Risk Management Services-EH&S Montione-Baldwin,Jacqueline
Hub Print & Postal Services McDonald, Meghan
Human Resources Ditzel, Kelly
Information Security Office Parker-Killings, Ardelia
Institute Audit, Compliance & Advisement Howe, Virginia
Inst'l Research & Policy Studies Montione-Baldwin,Jacqueline
ITS Application Development Shaffer, JoEllen
ITS Business Services Pendelberry, Sidney
ITS Data Center Operations Pendelberry, Sidney
ITS Enterprise Support Parker-Killings, Ardelia
ITS Infrastructure Applications Pendelberry, Sidney
ITS Network Communications Pendelberry, Sidney
ITS Operations Pendelberry, Sidney
ITS Project Management Office Pendelberry, Sidney
ITS Systems Support Pendelberry, Sidney
Legal Affairs Schleyer, Marilyn
Office of Student Financial Services Pille, Valerie
Office of the CIO Parker-Killings, Ardelia
Parking & Transportation Services Davis, Casandra
Partnerships Gause, Gwendolyn
Partnerships - SSC Gause, Gwendolyn
Payroll & Accounts Payable Services Gause, Gwendolyn
Procurement Services McDonald, Meghan
Public Safety Decarlo, Sandra
Sponsored Programs Accounting Gause, Gwendolyn
Staff Council Wickham, Amanda
Student Auxiliary Services Kathy Harter
Technology Management Gause, Gwendolyn
Treasury & Financial Reporting Services Gause, Gwendolyn
University Arenas Kathy Harter
VP Finance & Administration Spencer, Pamela
Golisano College of Computing & Info Sciences GCCIS - Advising Steele, Benjamin
GCCIS - Center for Computing Outreach, Research and Education Keyes, Sarah
GCCIS - Computer Science Steele, Benjamin
GCCIS - Computing Security Fritts, Megan
GCCIS - Dean's Office Keyes, Sarah
GCCIS - Graduate Studies & Research Keyes, Sarah
GCCIS - Information Sciences & Technologies Baker, Rhonda
GCCIS - Interactive Games & Media Bray, Jill
GCCIS - Software Engineering Steele, Benjamin
Golisano Institute for Sustainability CIMS Administration & Support Templar, Lisa
CIMS CSP & C3R Templar, Lisa
CIMS Industrial Programs Templar, Lisa
CIMS PAL Templar, Lisa
CIMS Pollution Prevention Institute Templar, Lisa
CIMS Program Development Templar, Lisa
GIS Architecture Templar, Lisa
GIS Nanopower Research Laboratory Templar, Lisa
GIS Sustainability Templar, Lisa
Government and Community Relations Government and Community Relations Stein, Lisa
Institute of Health Sciences and Technology CHST Biomedical Sciences Whitley, Lisa
CHST Dean's Office Whitley, Lisa
CHST Diagnostic Medical Sonography Whitley, Lisa
CHST Exercise Science Whitley, Lisa
CHST Health Systems Administration Whitley, Lisa
CHST Medical Illustration Whitley, Lisa
CHST Nutrition Whitley, Lisa
CHST Physician Assistant Program Whitley, Lisa
CHST Wegmans School of Health & Nutrition Whitley, Lisa
IHST Center for Applied Psychophysiology & Self-Regulation Whitley, Lisa
IHST Dean's Office Whitley, Lisa
Kate Gleason College of Engineering KGCOE Center for Quality & Applied Statistics Chapman, Susan
KGCOE Computer Engineering Marquez-Douglas, Lourdes
KGCOE Dean's Office Buschang, JoAnne
KGCOE Department of Biomedical Engineering Zimmerman, Lisa
KGCOE Department of Chemical Engineering Zimmerman, Lisa
KGCOE Design, Development & Manufacturing Buschang, JoAnne
KGCOE Electrical & Microelectronic Engineering Layton, Florence
KGCOE Industrial & Systems Engineering Eldridge, Kim
KGCOE Mechanical Engineering Ehmann, Jill
KGCOE PhD Microsystems Engineering Zimmerman, Lisa
KGCOE Semiconductor Microsystems Fabrication Laboratory Hirschman, Karl
Marketing and Communications M&C Finance and Administration Rosinski, Susan
Marketing and Communications Rosinski, Susan
University Communications Rosinski, Susan
University Creative Services Cummings, Laura
University Marketing and Branding Rosinski, Susan
University Production Services Barnes, Kira Torgerson-Lamark, Elizabeth
University Web Services Barnes, Kira Torgerson-Lamark, Elizabeth
University Web Services - Photo Barnes, Kira Torgerson-Lamark, Elizabeth
National Technical Institute for the Deaf NTID Academic Affairs Long, Sydney
NTID Access Services Session, Shaunti
NTID Administrative Affairs Eaggleston, Heather
NTID Alumni Relations Prescott, Kimberly
NTID ASL & Interpreting Education Khalsa, Baldev Kaur
NTID Business Studies Guerrier, Jennifer
NTID Captioning Team 2 Ryan, Sheila
NTID Captioning Team I Ryan, Sheila
NTID Center for International Outreach Eaggleston, Heather
NTID Center on Access Technology Beiter, Karen
NTID Center on Cognition & Language Forquer, Jennifer
NTID Center on Employment Fidurko, Dolores
NTID Client Services Otis, Margaret Reeb, Peter
NTID Communication Studies & Services Loysen, Melisa
NTID Communications, Marketing & Multimedia Services Prescott, Kimberly
NTID Counseling & Academic Advising Services Zuris, Catherine
NTID C-Print Product Development Team Otis, Margaret Reeb, Peter
NTID Cultural & Creative Studies Giagios, Jeannette
NTID Development Prescott, Kimberly
NTID Dyer Arts Center & Meeting Planning Services Otis, Margaret Reeb, Peter
NTID Engineering Services Otis, Margaret Reeb, Peter
NTID Enrollment Management Mayes, Karen
NTID Facilities Services Otis, Margaret Reeb, Peter
NTID Finance and Budget Eaggleston, Heather
NTID First Year Experience Zuris, Catherine
NTID Information and Computing Studies Beiter, Karen
NTID Information Technology & College Operations Otis, Margaret Reeb, Peter
NTID Information, Security and Technology Services Otis, Margaret Reeb, Peter
NTID Interpreting Team for CIAS Gorelick, Aaron
NTID Interpreting Team for COLA Eaggleston, Heather
NTID Interpreting Team for COS & CHST Session, Shaunti
NTID Interpreting Team for NTID, CET & KGCOE Taylor, Brittany
NTID Interpreting Team for SCB & GCCIS Martel, Allyson
NTID Learning Consortium Zuris, Catherine
NTID Liberal Studies Sinclair, Jillian
NTID Master Science & Secondary Ed Eaggleston, Heather
NTID Office of the Associate Dean for Research (OADR) Eaggleston, Heather
NTID Office of the President -- RIT VP/Dean Eaggleston, Heather
NTID Outreach Consortium Eaggleston, Heather
NTID Outreach, Placement and Special Projects Beiter, Karen
NTID Psychological Svcs Heffernan, Ruth
NTID Real-Time Captioning & Notetaking Services Ryan, Sheila
NTID Science and Mathematics Hoock, Anne
NTID Student and Academic Services Zuris, Catherine
NTID Student Life Eaggleston, Heather
NTID Substance & Alcoh Intervention Svcs for the Deaf Taylor, Jennifer
NTID Transition Services Prescott, Kimberly
NTID Visual Communication Studies DeLorme. Kathy
RIT ASL & Deaf Studies Community Ctr Khalsa, Baldev Kaur
Office of the President Office of the President Spencer, Pamela
Office of the President - Executive Support Spencer, Pamela
Office of the President Support Spencer, Pamela
Office of Trustee Services Spencer, Pamela
Ombuds Office Petree, Chelsea
Provost Academic Senate Shapiro, Karel
American University in Kosovo Shannon, Maureen
Honors Program Shannon, Maureen
ILI - RIT Online Barnes, Kira Torgerson-Lamark, Elizabeth
ILI - Teaching & Learning Services Barnes, Kira Torgerson-Lamark, Elizabeth
Innovative Learning Institute Shapiro, Karel
K-12 Programs Freeman, Debra
Office of AdvanceRIT Shapiro, Karel
Office of Co-op Education & Career Services Arquette, Maureen
Office of Educational Effectiveness Assessment Shapiro, Karel
Office of Graduate Education Schleyer, Marilyn
Office of International Education & Global Programs Shannon, Maureen
Office of the Provost & Sr VP for Academic Affairs Shapiro, Karel
Office of the Registrar Parr, Linda
Outreach Education & Training Lang, Christine
School of Individualized Study (SOIS) Lang, Christine
SOIS - Academic Advising & Student Services Lang, Christine
The Wallace Center - Acquisitions/Serials Barnes, Kira Torgerson-Lamark, Elizabeth
The Wallace Center - Archives Barnes, Kira Torgerson-Lamark, Elizabeth
The Wallace Center - Cary Library Barnes, Kira Torgerson-Lamark, Elizabeth
The Wallace Center - Circulation Services and Facilities Barnes, Kira Torgerson-Lamark, Elizabeth
The Wallace Center - Digital Initiatives and Metadata Services Barnes, Kira Torgerson-Lamark, Elizabeth
The Wallace Center - Information Delivery Services Barnes, Kira Torgerson-Lamark, Elizabeth
The Wallace Center - Information Technology Barnes, Kira Torgerson-Lamark, Elizabeth
The Wallace Center - Research and Instruction Services Barnes, Kira Torgerson-Lamark, Elizabeth
The Wallace Center - RIT Libraries Barnes, Kira Torgerson-Lamark, Elizabeth
The Wallace Center - RIT Press Barnes, Kira Torgerson-Lamark, Elizabeth
The Wallace Center - TWC Administration Barnes, Kira Torgerson-Lamark, Elizabeth
University Advising Office Bray, Jill
University Advising Office DeLucia, Carla
University Exploration Shapiro, Karel
University Studies Division Lang, Christine
University Writing Program Shapiro, Karel
Saunders College of Business SCB Dean's Office Davis, Jeffrey
SCB EMBA Program Davis, Jeffrey
SCB Finance and Accounting Davis, Jeffrey
SCB Management Davis, Jeffrey
SCB Marketing & Recruitment Davis, Jeffrey
SCB MIS, Marketing & Digital Business Davis, Jeffrey
SCB Student Services Davis, Jeffrey
Student Affairs Academic Support Center Petree, Chelsea
Assessment, Technology and Communications Petree, Chelsea
Aux-Margaret's House Crandall, Courtney
Aux-Residence Life Administration Smith-Schubart, Ericka
Aux-Residence Life Apartments Smith-Schubart, Ericka
Center for Campus Life Reed, Carol
Center for Leadership & Civic Engagement Wickham, Amanda
Center for Recreational Sports Coon, Brennan
Center for Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution Wickham, Amanda
Center for Women & Gender Joseph, Susan
College Restoration Program Petree, Chelsea
Counseling and Psychological Services Heffernan, Ruth
Disability Services Wickham, Amanda
English Language Center Petree, Chelsea
Health Promotion Coon, Brennan
Intercollegiate Athletics Bagley, Joanne
International Student Services Joseph, Susan
Parent and Family Programs Petree, Chelsea
Spectrum Support Program Petree, Chelsea
Student Development Petree, Chelsea
Student Health Center Lysko, Patricia
Student Support, Programs and Services Petree, Chelsea
VP Student Affairs Petree, Chelsea
Wellness Coon, Brennan
Wellness Education Coon, Brennan
Wellness Programs and Services Coon, Brennan
Wellness-Outdoor Education Coon, Brennan
Year One Programs Petree, Chelsea
VP for Research AMPrint Center Caton, Kelly
Frontiers in Gravitational Wave Astrophysics Caton, Kelly
Intellectual Property Management Office Caton, Kelly
Personalized Healthcare Technology Caton, Kelly
RIT Venture Creations Caton, Kelly
Simone Ctr for Stdt Innovation & Entrepreneurship Caton, Kelly
Sponsored Research Services Caton, Kelly
VP for Research Caton, Kelly