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Our Services


UPub's staff of writers, editors, designers, and web/production specialists have extensive experience in both print and interactive media services, as our slate of award-winning publications and websites will attest. We can deliver your message through several types of marketing materials:

  • print ads
  • brochures
  • posters
  • feature publications
  • annual reports
  • websites
  • newsletters/e-newsletters
  • direct mail postcards
  • invitations

Regardless of the medium, you can be sure that our focus on quality will ensure a successful outcome.

Our services include writing and editing, design, photography, print management, and web programming. We recommend that you take advantage of all these services by using our comprehensive production process, but we offer most of our services on an individual basis as well.

Writing and Editing

Maybe you know what you want to say but you can't quite put it into words. Perhaps you've written something but you'd like to have it polished or, at the very least, have another trained set of eyes review your work. Either way, University Publications is at your service. Our writers and editors have years of experience delivering clear, informative communications within corporate, media, nonprofit, and, most important, higher education frameworks. In consultation with you, we create text that is professional, adheres to RIT style, reads easily, and reflects your unique perspective.


To borrow a phrase from Vidal Sassoon, if you don't look good, we don't look good. Fortunately, everybody comes out looking fantastic when University Publications' designers are on the job. These professionals use Adobe Creative Suite, calling upon an expansive palette of graphics, fonts, and color to create the perfect visual complement to your message. Beyond cutting-edge design programs, a trained eye, keen sense of style, and fertile imagination, each of our designers also possesses one other vital tool of the trade--the ability to listen, which allows them to tailor designs to your specifications.


Picture this: a portfolio of images as compelling as the well-crafted text they're meant to accompany. UPub has an abundant stockpile of visuals, a number of which are bound to capture the essence of your particular message. And we're adding more every day. You'll be able to easily choose the photos you need thanks to our image archiving database. Have something more specific in mind? You paint the picture verbally, then we'll assign a photographer to capture the image that's in your head using the latest equipment and techniques. Photos are available in print and digital formats.

Print Management

Any journey can benefit from the input of a knowledgeable guide. That's where UPub's print management services come into play. We shepherd your project, start to finish, as it winds its way to publication. Because we have established excellent working relationships with print vendors throughout the Northeast, finding the one that will do your publication justice--at the best price--is not a problem. And our job doesn't stop, or even wane, once we send files to a printer. UPub quality control extends to on-site press checks and continues through binding, delivery, and disbursement. Complete print management is provided with no additional charge to UPub clients.

Web Programming

CSS, XML, and PHP. If that's all Greek to you, don't worry. UPub's web programmers are fluent in these computer languages, using them to construct a webpage, site, or targeted e-mail that draws people in and makes an impact. The Web is all about accessibility, and we take that into account when creating the architecture of your electronic message. Navigation and interactivity are the paramount considerations while your project is under construction. Mechanics are not our only concern, however. Our programmers work hand-in-glove with UPub designers to bring you an e-masterpiece that offers the best of both form and function.