Demonstation project against human trafficking

a graphic of a bruised women that says "Yes, Here! Now, Fight Against Sex Trafficking"

The Rochester Regional Coalition Against Human Trafficking (RRCAHT) is a Rochester, N.Y., outreach program whose mission is dedicated to eliminating human trafficking in communities through education, advocacy, and networking with individuals and organizations.

Students were asked to research and select statistical information (could be a local Rochester human trafficking statistic or a national or international statistic) for a specific kind of human trafficking. Students were asked to choose one specific kind of human trafficking: sexual exploitation, child trafficking, forced labor, domestic servitude, and organ harvesting.

Students then designed a systematic sequence of applications:

Bus shelter poster: 46 by 67 inches, vertical
Brochure: single four-page brochure, folded in half; folded size: 4 by 9 inches, vertical
Web page: standard 1,024 pixels wide by 768 pixels tall

Guiding Professors:
Anne Ghory-Goodman
Bruce Ian Meader

Student Work