What to Expect at your Appointment

Writing Center consultations focus on specific writing tasks and your agenda as a writer.

During consultations we can:

  • Review assignments and/or instructor feedback to help clarify expectations
  • Support you in generating and developing your ideas
  • Provide insight into how to effectively incorporate outside sources, including correct documentation and citation formats
  • Discuss revision and self-editing strategies
  • Set realistic short and long-term project goals and revision plans
  • Offer feedback on applications, résumés, business letters, and personal statements

Preparing for your appointment:

  • Come prepared with access to your writing assignment (e.g., the course assignment prompt) so we can support you in determining expectations and set goals
  • Bring your laptop and materials and/or a printed copy of your work
  • Be prepared to look beyond grammar and proofreading by focusing on higher-order concerns like structure, organization, purpose, logical reasoning, and style
  • At the end of your session, the consultant may support you in creating a revision plan that will continue your work after you leave the Writing Center

The Writing Center will not:

  • Edit or proofread your writing for you, though we will discuss patterns of grammar and usage so you can continue to revise on your own
  • Accept dropped-off papers for feedback
  • Read/respond to papers written by someone other than the writer who made the appointment
  • Read drafts in advance of appointments