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We have made the decision to cancel our summer program due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
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Workforce Training

Workforce Training

Customized & Cost-Effective Workforce Training

CBET’s Workshops and Seminars service was created to provide local businesses and associations with workshops tailor-made to specific organizational requirements. Bringing RIT’s teaching expertise and advanced technologies to the community at large, CBET workshops and seminars feature:

  • Course content developed in consultation with your organization.
  • Instruction by recognized experts in their fields.
  • Flexible scheduling and venues.

How It Works

CBET faculty will create non-credit courses, workshops or seminars customized to the specific needs of attendees. These are not “one size fits all” courses designed without your input. Each course is unique to you and your group. You can contact the CBET Office at 585-475-4363 or by email at

Recent Training Programs

  • Bioprocessing Training

    CBET recently delivered customized training to a local company, Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Inc., in common techniques and technologies used in modern bio-processing operations. The 5-day training program titled Fundamental Tissue Culture introduced participants to common procedures used to culture and manipulate cells in the laboratory through lectures and hands-on exercises.

    Topics covered included:

    • aseptic technique and the laminar flow hood
    • preparation of ‘defined’ growth media
    • ficoll gradient isolation of cells
    • cell cloning by end-point titration
    • freezing and recovering viable cells
  • Workplace Lectures

    Over a six-months period, CBET delivered a series of 2-hour customized lectures to employees of Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Inc. (OCD)at their Rochester facility. The series was titled Biology for Engineers. Lecture topics were determined by participants and included current advances in diagnosis and treatment of disease, fundamentals of cell and molecular biology, and fundamentals of cardiovascular disease and cancer. OCD engineers are better able to understand the biological principles behind the development of analytical devices for measuring biomarkers of diseases, and more importantly, have a better biological vocabulary to communicate with scientists at OCD.

  • Bioscience and the Law

    Today, lawyers are being confronted with more and more DNA evidence, and need to better understand the science of DNA in order to interpret crime lab reports, evaluate testimony and cross-examine witnesses. CBET created a continuing education course in DNA and the Law, and asked the Monroe County Bar Association to be the accrediting agency.

    The Monroe County Bar Association was glad to sponsor the 4-hour course, which was attended to great acclaim by about 50 local attorneys. When word got out, the New York State Defenders Association asked CBET to present an additional workshop, DNA: Biology and Technology, at its annual conference attended by hundreds of attorneys.

  • Fitness Specialist Workshop

    CBET brings to Rochester the opportunity to achieve certification as a Nationally Accredited Personal Trainer through an intensive 4 day training workshop held each June.

    The Fitness Specialist Program prepares individuals to design and implement fitness programs for a wide variety of people including those who are very unfit as well as people with athletic performance goals. If you are looking to enter the field of fitness training, update skills and abilities, or earn necessary CEU's/CEC's, this interactive and engaging workshop will provide the instruction needed to succeed.