Ethics Links

The Illinois Institute of Technology has catalogued over 850 codes of ethics. The Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech has a smaller set of codes, and the Centre for Applied Ethics at the University of British Columbia has a set that includes Canadian professional societies. At the Software Engineering Ethics Research Institute you can find a short list of codes of ethics and a very good list of links to ethics centers and general ethics information. Additional codes may be found on Ethics on the Internet.

The Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility at De Montefort University is one of the best sites for computer science. It has a European flavour, its treatment of privacy, for instance, evolving around the European Union's responses to the issue. It is fairly thorough and is updated frequently.

The Mudough Center at Texas Tech contains, among its other features, a nice set of cases in engineering ethics. is a very well-organized and thorough site devoted to ethical issues in engineering and science, including research ethics. It contains cases among its numerous resources as well as a host of useful links.

The Center for the Study of Ethics in Society at Western Michigan University has a useful manual on how to handle ethical cases and a set of cases on engineering ethics developed by Michael Pritchard through an NSF grant. These case studies have sets of comments by philosophers and engineers.

For those interested in integrating ethics across the Computer Science Curriculum, see the ImpactCS project, funded by NSF.

Rutgers Online has a Guide to the Ethical Principles in Business. It is nicely organized with lots of links.

NOVA has a four-part series that lays out what engineers have done in response to past disasters to make accidents more survivable. The aim is to engineer so as to avoid harm.

The University of Delaware has developed a booklet and on-line quiz regarding ethically responsible computer use that is required of all its students.

James Brusseau at Pace University has assembled some video case studies for business ethics.


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