Doing Good and Avoiding Evil : Index

Dr. Lisa Newton has written this manual for use in her courses in professional and practical ethics and has consented to having it posted for wider use. It has an extensive collection of cases and supplies a method for coming to understand the sorts of ethical problems that arise for professionals, among other things. If you quote the manual or use it, you should cite Dr. Newton as the author, give the title, and cite the web site address as the source.

Introduction: Foundations of the Discipline

  1. The genesis of interest in professional ethics
    1. The Pursuit of Self-lnterest
    2. The Dialogue of Theory and Practice
    3. The Forms of Accountability
  2. The Establishment of the Fundamental Premises
    1. Beneficence
    2. Respect for Persons
    3. Justice
  3. The Continuing Dialogue
  4. Footnotes

Part 1: Principles and Reasoning

  1. Philosophical Ethics: The Fundamentals
    1. Philosophical Discourse: Defending Judgments
    2. The Vocabulary of Ethics
    3. Moral Commitments and the Discipline of Ethics
    4. Subjective Relativism as a Challenge to Ethics
  2. Decision Procedures for Ethics
    1. ADAPT
    2. ORDER
    3. DEAL
  3. The Principles of Ethics
    1. People Are Embodied
    2. People Are Social
    3. People Are Rational
    4. The Human Condition
    5. The Basic Imperatives
  4. The Forms of Moral Reasoning
    1. Reasoning from Rule: Deontological Reasoning
    2. Reasoning from Consequences: Teleological Reasoning
    3. Reasoning from Virtue: Ontological Reasoning
  5. By Way of Conclusion: The Need for Clarity (and Selected Sources)

Part 2: Selected Cases

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