Below are a list of videos, some with comments about their usefulness for courses.

Academic Integrity:

  • The Bridge to Professional Ethics

  • Center for Applied Ethics, Duke University

    A set of vignettes that raise ethical issues for discussion by students. Included are stories about cheating on exams and falsifying data.

The 59 Story Crisis:

  • A Lesson in Professional Behavior

  • William J. LeMessurier October 17, 1995, MIT

'A Major Malfunction'

    The Story Behind the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

  • Part I: An Accident Rooted in History (42 minutes)
  • Part II: The Flawed Decision (50 minutes)
  • Part III: Disaster, Deception & Distance (60 minutes)

  • Produced, written & directed by Mark Maier, 1992
    At Chapman College in California as of last report

The Challenger and Boisjoly

  • Part I: Design Flaws and Morton-Thiokol
  • Part II: O-rings
  • Part III: The Teleconference
  • Part IV: Moral Responsibility and Tufte

  • An extended conversation with Roger Boisjoly, visiting at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Spring 1998. Taking part are two first-year engineering students, David Hoeker and Stefan Young, and Wade L. Robison, the Ezra A. Hale Professor in Applied Ethics at RIT.

How to Steal $500 Million (about 55 minutes)

From Frontline, an examination of the fraud of Phar-Mor, the retail giant out of Youngstown Ohio. This film raises questions about the legal and ethical accountability of acccountants and accounting firms and about how a 'slight' fraud can quickly balloon into a half-billion dollar disaster.

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