Family business offers sparkling future

Sangeeta Bhola ’02 (MBA) credits marketing professor Philip Tyler with advice that changed her life.

“Dr. Tyler listened to me speak about my future career plans and our family business in India,” she says. “He suggested, ‘Why don’t you join the family business and help it grow’?”

She joined Bholasons Jewellers, New Delhi, in January 2003. “I’m the fifth generation of my family in the jewelry business,” she says. She completed a diamond grading and identification course to build her technical skills, then began to focus on the marketing side of the business. Gradually, she became more involved in buying, selling, manufacturing, and procurement until she had learned all aspects of the business.

Both of her parents are involved in the business, and although the jewelry industry has been male-dominated, her mother and father were pleased with her decision to work with them.

Her efforts have paid off. The company has been recognized for advertising and packaging, and also won the 2005 Retail Jeweller Award for “Best Retail Transformation.”

While she remains active in the family business, Bhola decided that she wanted to make her own mark on the jewelry industry. In July 2007, she opened her own retail business, Signature Salon. She has two stores in New Delhi, and another in Gurgaon. The shops have been favorably reviewed for their ambience and accoutrements.

“The Salon is aimed at people who can afford the best that money can buy,” she says, “and such people deserve various little ceremonies that make shopping a leisurely pleasure.”

She offers exclusive designs and considers her competition to be the international jewelry market. It’s a challenging business, but Bhola believes she will be successful because of her determination and ambition – and something more.

“RIT gave me the confidence to believe I could succeed, that I could manage a business,” she says. “It connected me with people all over the world.”

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The University Magazine, Fall 2007