Daniel Carp '73

The relationship between RIT and Kodak has produced many benefits for both.

It's a partnership that more closely resembles a motion picture than a snapshot. Over the years, the bond that ties Eastman Kodak Co. and Rochester Institute of Technology has been constantly evolving — never static.

It's true that the relationship started with a snapshot — so to speak. Just over 100 years ago, RIT began offering photographic education while Kodak was well on its way to making photography available to the masses. The connection quickly became obvious.

Today, the opportunities for collaboration between these two institutions extend well beyond the range of photography, including groundbreaking research in areas such as imaging science and information technology.

"You'd be hard pressed to find two separate, independent, world-class leaders that are more closely allied than ours," states Daniel Carp '73 (MBA), Kodak chairman and CEO. "We've been partners in education, in research and in community service, well before the company was known as Kodak and the school was called RIT."

The University Magazine, Winter 2003