Student wins Academy Award for animated film

If cats always land on their feet, and toast always lands jelly-side down, what would happen to a cat with jelly toast strapped to its back? This whimsical scenario turned into gold for a School of Film and Animation student.

Kimberly Miner, a student from Suffield, Conn., took home a gold medal in the animation category at the Student Academy Awards for her film, Perpetual Motion. Family members joined Miner in Los Angeles in June 2003 for the announcement. In May 2004, she was invited to show her film at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

Miner based her film on a paper written by a high-school friend that explored the potential implications of the cat and jelly toast idea. She created the animation in her freshman year by hand and used computer software to marry the elements into a short film. In addition to her gold medal, Miner received a cash award of $5,000 from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. There are versions of the film available for Windows Media Player or Real Player.

Also in 2003, the National Association of Television Program Executives' Educational Foundation honored another SOFA student for his filmmaking achievements. Scott Vosbury won second prize at the 2003 Student Video & Film Production Awards. Vosbury received $1,000 for his film, SOFA: Priceless.

Spring 2004 update to story in The University Magazine, Winter 2003