A Photo of Monica

"Monica had come to Philadelphia because her lawyer was attending an event here—he wanted to show off his famous client," says Dan Loh '95, photographer for the Associated Press and winner of a 1999 Pulitzer Prize for his photograph of Monica Lewinsky. "When the Monica story broke, I was sent down to the D.C. bureau to cover her, since the regular photographers there were already on permanent assignments. I staked her out everywhere. I knew exactly what to look for. I knew her patterns, her maneuvers. So when she showed up suddenly in Philadelphia later on, I was ready for her."

Loh came to RIT, he says, because he knew it had the best program in photojournalism and he was focused on that kind of career. As a student at RIT, he interned at the Democrat and Chronicle twice, then did a 13-week internship for the Associated Press bureau in Kansas City, Missouri. Impressed with Loh's talents, AP hired him as a permanent employee. He worked for them in Boston and Jackson, Mississippi, before moving to Philadelphia.

Loh says: "When you're covering someone like Monica, there's lots of waiting around. Your eyes are constantly open; your heart beats a little faster. It's waiting for key moments, anticipating them, and then, surprise! then, attack! and it's all over in 35 to 45 seconds."

The University Magazine, Fall 1999