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Program Overview
Program Overview

Welcome to the Office of K-12 Partnerships

We administer grant-funded RIT K-12 programs that provide academic enrichment for the Rochester region’s HS and MS students.

We use applied learning in the sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics, and leadership skill development to give public school students from local districts a better understanding of technology and an awareness of its impact on their career choices in the 21st Century. Students enrolled in our programs experience college preparation, pre-college STEM education and opportunities for career exploration.

The Office of K-12 Partnerships programs connect classroom instruction with real-life experiences to help prepare students for post secondary education and to make their learning experience more valuable.

Program Total in RIT
program 2012-13
Seniors Seniors who
RIT – S.T.E.P. 300 58 57 49
98.2% 86%
RIT – Liberty 203 40 39 37
99% 97%
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