Thoughts from Rob Roy Kelly
These papers were written over a period of more than twenty years. Many of the themes, and even exact phrases, were repeated in several papers as they were put into new contexts at different times. No attempt has been made to eliminate the redundancies because each paper was intended to stand on its own. The papers are a compilation and not a narrative divided into chapters. The papers related to pedagogy were intended to be a form of mentoring for young teachers. It took me many years to assimilate my own education, and to reach an understanding that made my teaching more effective. I felt very fortunate that I had contact with people such as Albers and Hofmann, who exemplified the finest exponents of visual pedagogy in the last fifty years. I was privileged to be a student at Yale University during a very exciting period of people and program.

There are many young teachers in the field today who have a sincere desire to be good teachers, but they come from weak educational backgrounds. They have neither the pedagogical experience nor the models to help them in their own growth as teachers. By conveying my experiences and attempting to verbalize what I have learned, some teachers might find a better route to effective teaching. I have focused on theoretical studies which will never change regardless of how the definition, practice, and technology in graphic design might evolve.

Papers about the university should not be construed as adversarial. They do reflect my concerns about how organization, operation, relationship between faculty and administration, definition of responsibility and policy, and how they impact faculty members, students and educational quality. I have not encountered any other design teachers who have researched, or expressed interest in, the organizational aspect of education or its history as a profession. My principal subject for general research was the history of universities and the evolution of academic organization and governance over several hundred years with focus on post-secondary education after World War II. I also investigated organizational psychology and found the best sources in industrial psychology, because little has been written about the effects on individuals of organizational structure in education. Throughout the years, I kept reference files of articles and papers in loose-leaf notebooks. I taught at two independent art schools for approximately twenty years, two private universities for seven years, and at three public universities for eleven years. I was a Department Head. Institute Professor, Senior Professor, faculty member, and most recently Professor Emeritus/Faculty Associate. I served as a faculty senator at Carnegie Mellon University and at Arizona State University. I earned tenure at two institutions and the rank of professor at three others. I was an educational consultant at five or more different institutions and guest lecturer at approximately thirty others. I have gleaned most of my information from observation and from personal experience.

I have done significant historical research, published a number of articles, established three programs in Graphic Design, been active in the community and professionally engaged.



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