Some Thoughts On Collecting

I don’t know if collecting springs from some sublimated form of man’s primeval instincts to hunt, but it certainly can be just as intense. I am never happier than when hot on the trail. Whenever I find a good piece after years of looking, and especially if the dealer does not recognize it's true value and it is underpriced, I could easily throw back my head, raise my arms and bay at the moon. Success in the hunt is a most rewarding feeling.

The pleasures of collecting for me have always been more than acquisition of items. It has been the travel; meeting other collectors or dealers who often are interesting people and the thrill of finding something new or unexpected. I experience as much satisfaction discovering information as I do finding items for the collection. I have researched almost everything I collected and knowing how, when, and where appropriate, who made it to be extremely important. Equally satisfying is writing about the subject and attempting to communicate with others about what is most interesting for me.

I live with my collections using them for decoration in both my working and living space. I enjoy looking, comparing, studying and thinking or speculating about each item. The kitchenware collection has been most rewarding in this respect. The materials, ingenuity and craftsmanship are all worthy of respect.

There is often an innate sense for shape, form, color or use of materials demonstrated by the makers that induce true admiration for their sensibilities and workmanship.

For me, maturity of a collector is shown by placing the most prized items into inauspicious corners where knowledgeable visitors can discover the treasures for themselves.



A glimpse into the Rob Roy Kelly's world of collecting.


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