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Big Picture

Too many full time faculty members confuse their profession with their field of expertise. If they are tenure track or tenured, their profession is teaching.

You can say almost anything by way of criticism to a student as long as you do not show anger or ridicule.

The educational process consists of teachers asking and students responding. The quality of education is determined to a greater extent by questions than by responses.

The quality of education is measured by what students can do rather than by what the teacher has done.

Learning can be spontaneous but education is planned and structured.

Respect between teacher and student is more important in education than liking or disliking one another.

“Cutting edge” is a buzz word and not the cornerstone for an educational philosophy.

Educational theories that sound bizarre and unrealistic probably are bizarre and unrealistic.

Faculty members devoted to research might not make the best teachers—they normally have neither the interest nor time to be seriously involved with teaching.