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AMPrint Center Facilities

The AMPrint Center's main home is a 3,200 square foot laboratory space on top of the campus' Institute Hall Building.

Direct-Write Processes (Ink-jet and pen dispense)

Sensor Films Starlight
High speed, large format, multimaterial inkjet deposition system
Optomec Aerosol Jet 300
configured with dual pneumatic atomizers for functionally graded deposition of viscous inks up to 1000 cP.
nScrypt 3Dn
microdispensing system configured with dual smart pumps, the nFD thermoplastic extruder, and a 3-material micromixing head for functionally graded compositions.
Meyer Burger Pixdro IP410
Inkjet Material Deposition System
Roland VersaUV LEF-12 Printer
UV curable ink printer
JetXpert drop watcher
StarT ink and substrate development platform
Ink and substrate development platform

Curing Processes

Novacentrix PulseForge 3300
high power pulsed photonic curing/sintering system capable of processing printed metal and even ceramic inks on low temperature polymer or paper substrate materials.
high temperature sintering furnace.
Across International
vacuum drying oven

Additive Manufacturing (AM) and 3D Printing Capabilities


Full range of wet chemistry facilities for nanoparticle synthesis and ink formulation.
Scanning Electron Microscope with EDS and low vacuum capabilities
Nanovea ST400
Optical Profilometer with AFM
Jandel RM3000+ 4 probe conductivity meter with probe station
Optical Profilometer with AFM
Hirox KH 7700
digital microscope with motorized Z-stage.
high temperature sintering furnace.
Across International
vacuum drying oven
SurfX Atomflo 400
Atmospheric Plasma Unit