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Please Note: You cannot place orders for IMS ink through this site, ALL ink orders must be placed through the myHPindigo web-portal. For your convenience a link to the portal can be found on the right side of this screen.
Welcome to RIT IMS Services
Updated: Tue, Feb 2 2021 10:31am
Welcome to RIT's IMS services webpage!
Recognizing the shortcomings of dealing with paper forms and excel tables in an increasingly growing business, we at the Printing Applications Lab created this web-service to allow us to better serve HP and HP's IMS customers. After several years of using this site internally to assist with the production and support of PMS and custom colors for the HP Indigo presses, we have decided to open the site to our customers as a quick source of information relating to your orders.
If you are an HP customer, please use your company’s 5-digit customer ID, and the email address you used to place your special ink orders to sign into the system.
If you are an HP or RIT team member and you need access to the support functionality of the website, please contact our team at
IMS Operations
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