Purchasing Information and Site Licenses

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Complementary two-day trial subscriptions are available – contact Geoff Poor.

Online version by subscription: $2.99 per year. Subscribe here.

Site Licenses

Site licenses for educational and not-for-profit organizations are available, and have significant discounts off the single unit price of the online version ($2.99).

1-5 concurrent users: 30% discount
6-10 concurrent users: 50% discount
11 or more concurrent users: 60% discount
For example, an online site license for 15 users would cost:

$2.99 x 15 x 40% = $17.94 (vs. $44.85 for 15 individual subscriptions)

Remember that this is for concurrent users; how many people you'd expect to be using it at any one time, not the number of people that would have access to it.

Please email gspncm@rit.edu for more information.