What People are Saying

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I LOVE IT!!! ... the ease of operation ... how wonderful to be able to move between the signs for "appointment" and "ruin", for instance, to see the differences that were not clear to me previously. This is a fantastic tool and I am grateful to you and all involved in creating it.

Viv Hawkins
ASL Student
Philadelphia, PA

As an aspiring interpreter, this CD has brought an even greater articulation and appreciation for the linguistic beauty of ASL. ASL inflections and grammar were previously unclear to me; the texts were confusing and class discussion was sometimes unable to clarify my specific questions. With this CD, through a short series of mouse-clicks I can see a sign, see it inflected in a sentence, and read linguistic descriptions of what I am seeing. The CD has developed my expressive and comprehensive fluency in ASL, and has greatly improved my confidence in the use of this beautiful language.

Willjort M. Leisholmn
Interpreting Student, Seattle Central Community College

One of my most popular language activities involves using the ASL Dictionary and Inflection Guide. My 4th grade students quickly become comfortable enough with the program to use it independently. I assign it for activities that support both English and ASL acquisition, and it really helps with their writing assignments.

Annie Whiddon
4th Grade Teacher, Texas School for the Deaf

The ASL Video Dictionary and Inflection Guide is a great resource and a practical learning tool. The students in our sign language lab love it and spend hours working on building their vocabulary and their ability to put it all together. The CD contains a generous amount of signs, and the signers featured are expressive and likeable. Experienced interpreters often use this CD for help in finding signs for a large variety of scenarios or to confirm the appropriate production of a specific sign. I love it and will continue to use it as a learning tool and resource. Thank you for finally coming up with a product that is user-friendly, interesting, and of excellent quality.

Paola Lopez
Staff Interpreter
Interpreter Services Office
Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind

This is a first of its kind resource that people can use to learn ASL, with a helpful feature that shows similar ("look-alike") signs. I must congratulate this crew for developing a wonderful CD dictionary with diverse folks.

Dr. E. Lynn Jacobowitz
Associate Professor, ASL
Gallaudet University
Washington, DC