RITx Professional Certificate in Unreal Engine Foundations

Build in-demand interactive 3D skills.

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What you will learn

How to effectively use the Unreal Engine editor and key interface elements to create basic interactive environments

How to apply static and dynamic lighting for a variety of use-case scenarios, including: IES profiles and volumetrics to an environment

Core principles for building Physically Based Materials (PBR) inside of the Unreal Engine

Introduction to physics and forces for simulation

How to apply post-process volumes for lens

Program Overview

The demand for interactive 3D skills is rapidly growing. The accelerating technologies of real-time graphics, machine learning, and interactive tools inside the Unreal Engine made by Epic Games (world leaders in VR/AR and the makers of popular games such as the international hit Fortnite) have emerged as some of the most high-growth and in-demand skill sets.

This Professional Certificate program provides the core skills and resources needed for rapidly expanding career opportunities which require Unreal Engine competencies. Learners new to this technology will gain fluency in the subject matter and be able to put their skills into practice immediately.

Interactive or real-time 3D skills are the fastest growing set of skills within 3D graphics, particularly in the field of video games, automotive and architectural visualization, virtual production, and previsualization. Jobs that require real-time skills have grown nearly five times faster than demand for 3D graphics skills overall and over seven times faster than the overall job market. Demand for job candidates with Unreal Engine skills is projected to grow 122% over the next ten years.

This growth is being driven by applications of real-time 3D in fields including industrial design, architecture, engineering, construction, extended reality (XR) for IT, design and media, and manufacturing and production.

Learners will gain a solid foundation in the fundamentals of interactive 3D, including game development. Skill building will involve all the core areas including: the Unreal editor, 3D asset preparation, lighting, materials, physics simulations and visual effects, visual scripting using Blueprints, Interface building (HUDs), cinematography and cameras with the sequencer, teams, pipelines and collaboration using scrum, and version control (github).

The course will conclude by discussing optimization and publishing a playable interactive simulation. We will also look toward connecting next steps with virtual reality (example: oculus and HTC Vive) as well as other output hardware platforms.

This Professional Certificate will be valuable for professionals who wish to leverage the growth of real-time 3D skills to advance their career.

Several calendar pages.

Time to completion

5 months
3-4 hours per week

Job Outlook

Demand for candidates with Unreal Engine skills is projected to grow 122% over the next 10 years.

Demand for real-time 3D skills has grown 601% faster than the market overall.

This growing skill is currently in 10% of all postings for 3D graphics.


Learn about Unreal Engine, made by Epic Games--world leader and the makers of international hit Fortnite. 

In this course, you’ll be introduced to the Unreal Engine 4, a popular platform for game development and creation of cutting-edge 3D environments in real-time, video games, VR/AR, training, architectural visualization, and many other growing fields. The content in this course will prepare you for the exciting work of interactive 3D development, covered in the next course.

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Expand your interactive Unreal Engine 3D skills with Blueprints, Landscapes, Audio, and AI. 

In this course, you’ll build on your knowledge from URL 101by learning visual scripting using Blueprints. This node-based system based on C++ enables powerful programming without the syntax typically involved in coding. You will gain basic coding skills to use multiple tools for accelerating work and building immersive interactive functionality.

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