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RITMRC members Luther Brefo and Mike Roqué work as conductor and engineer at the R&GVRRM.

RITMRC is fortunate to be just a few miles down the road from an operating railroad museum full of real trains! Since 1998, many RITMRC members have been regular active volunteers at the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum.

The museum strives to preserve equipment and artifacts from railroads that operated in the Rochester area. Based at Industry Depot on Route 251, the museum operates a half-mile long demonstration railroad. Together, our members have the opportunity to ride and work on various gasoline, diesel, steam, and electrically powered trains from many eras. A unique museum operation, the R&GVRRM facilitates hands-on experience with real railroading.

Not only is the museum a great place to learn about local railroad history, but there are many opportunities to get involved. Volunteer for one of the many restoration projects and learn what it takes to keep full-size railroad equipment running smoothly. Join the motive power team and learn how to keep locomotives in top working condition. Perhaps you’d like to work with the track gang and learn what it takes to maintain a safe railroad.

Just about everyone is welcome to help out with train operations. From track car operator to freight conductor to engineer, new members are always welcome to get involved at the museum!

Learn more at RGVRRM.ORG