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join us at our weekly meetings in the Bamboo Room (SAU) on Fridays at 1pm

Asian Culture Society @ RIT promotes the understanding of Asian culture and heritage. We do our best to provide a conductive environment for encouraging Asian students to utilize their history, culture, and art to foster self esteem and respect for their heritage.

Come meet new and interested people by simply joining us at our events and meetings for some fun!

ACS Updates

04.26 New ACS Eboard for 2013-2014
The new ACS eboard for the 2013-2014 school year has been announced! Congratulations to the new eboard:
Predident: Joewin Moina
Vice President: Joshua Carroll
Secretary: Sakura Fang
Tresurer: Tiffany Fong
Public Relations: Adam Ikeda
04.13 New ACS Website!
Yay! The ACS website is finally up! Hope you guys like it. :) Send us any comments or suggestions from the Contact page! As a side note, the Events page is still under construction, but it will be up soon.
04.11 ACS E-board Elections
ACS will be holding elections this upcoming week for our future e-board members. If interested, please send an email to