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  • November 29, 2021

    Photo by A. Sue Weisler

    RIT 365 is a first-year student experience to form connections at RIT and to provide a foundation for the years ahead. In a 365 class, facilitator Laurence Wainwright-Maks led a labyrinth exercise in the Allen Chapel. Walking a labyrinth is a tool for self-awareness and creates a sense of calm.

Spring 2021 University Magazine

cover of spring 2021 university magazine with the Rochester skyline.

Move over, Silicon Valley. Rochester can be the next great American technology hub. Also inside: Tour the new cybersecurity complex.

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The RIT community embodies perseverance, resilience, strength, and grit. We successfully completed in-person instruction this fall without having to suspend or cancel classes due to coronavirus outbreaks. How did we do it? With the help of the entire RIT community. The list of kudos and accolades are immeasurable. But essentially, we were RIT ready. And we’ll stay RIT ready moving forward. Thank you for the efforts you've made, and will continue to make.

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