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Intersections: The RIT Podcast is a twice-monthly conversation between people whose daily work is making a difference in the world.

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Episode 37: The Evolution of Printing
Printing, a storied industry, continues to see an evolution. In this edition of Intersections: The RIT Podcast, RIT alumnus Henry Freedman and Professors Robert Eller and Bruce Myers discuss the strength of the industry, the rise of inkjet printing and the role RIT plays in developing professionals who can take the printing industry to the next level.

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Past Episodes

  • May 7, 2020

    park ranger standing in Grand Canyon.

    Podcast: A Pathway to the Grand Canyon  

    Intersections: The RIT Podcast, Ep. 36: The right academic major can be a pathway to a dream career. Professor Tina Lent, director of RIT’s museum studies program, talks with 2019 alumna Katherine Hensel about how her degree in museum studies led to her dream job as a U.S. national park ranger.

  • April 16, 2020

    side-by-side portraits of Stephanie Rankin and Taj Smith.

    Podcast: Breaking Bread  

    Intersections: The RIT Podcast, Ep. 35: It’s been said that diversity happens when people of different backgrounds share space in a community, but inclusion only happens when they spend quality time together. Taj Smith, director of diversity education, talks with Stephanie Rankin, director of foundation relations, about her participation in the Breaking Bread program.

  • March 31, 2020

    Richard Newman and Lisa Hermsen.

    Podcast: Experiencing History Where it Happened  

    Intersections: The RIT Podcast, Ep. 34: Studying history is more than poring over textbooks and old documents. History Professor Richard Newman and humanities Professor Lisa Hermsen talk about place-based learning, which gets students into the community to experience where the history happened.

  • March 5, 2020

    dean and professor standing in library.

    Podcast: Living History at the Genesee Country Village & Museum  

    Intersections: The RIT Podcast, Ep. 33: Community partnerships are one way RIT provides its students with experiential learning opportunities. James Winebrake, dean of the College of Liberal Arts, and Juilee Decker, associate professor of museum studies, talk about a unique partnership between the college and one of the Finger Lakes Region’s cultural gems, the Genesee Country Village & Museum.

  • February 21, 2020

    two men standing in lobby of computing hall.

    Podcast: Using AI to Root Out Deep Fake Videos  

    Intersections: The RIT Podcast, Ep. 32: Deep learning, part of artificial intelligence, is being used to create fake videos that look and sound like the real thing. Professor Matthew Wright, director of RIT’s Center for Cybersecurity Research, talks with John Sohrawardi, a Ph.D. student in the Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences, about software they are creating that uses AI to help journalists root out deep fake videos.

  • February 6, 2020

    two people standing in front of hospital design posters.

    Podcast: Hope for Honduras  

    Intersections: The RIT Podcast, Ep. 31: A multidisciplinary contingent from RIT is creating design solutions to improve the quality of medical care and education in Central America. Mary Golden, interior design program chair and director of RIT Hope for Honduras, speaks with Christian Perry, a healthcare designer and co-founder of Little Angels of Honduras, about important initiatives to help reduce infant mortality in that region.

  • January 16, 2020

    student and staff member standing side-by-side.

    Podcast: Wellness Education  

    Intersections: The RIT Podcast, Ep. 30: Wellness on today’s college campus is nothing like the gym classes students used to be required to take. Michelle Schrouder, director of Wellness Education, talks with student Richa Khanolkar about how the wellness options of today – everything from badminton to yoga, from managing your stress to managing your finances – is helping students learn new skills, make friends and have fun.

  • December 20, 2019

    student Jacob Wadsworth and porfessor Caroline Easton.

    Podcast: The Benefits of Telehealth  

    Intersections: The RIT Podcast, Ep. 29: Caroline Easton, professor in RIT’s School of Behavioral Health, talks with Jacob Wadsworth, a doctoral intern in the university’s priority psychology internship program, about a project that uses telemedicine, the process of using telecommunications to evaluate, diagnosis and treat patients, to help homeless people access mental health and drug addiction counseling.