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Intersections: The RIT Podcast is a conversation between people whose daily work is making a difference in the world.

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Episode 51: The Supply Chain Struggles to Send Semiconductors
Complex manufacturing processes of semiconductors and growing demands along the global supply chain for computer chips is impacting numerous industries—from defense and intelligence to consumer electronics and the Internet of Things. In this episode of Intersections: The RIT Podcast, Robert Pearson, professor of microelectronic engineering, and Steven Carnovale, assistant professor of supply chain management, discuss how the semiconductor supply chain has been disrupted and provide insights about current trends and possible solutions to this complicated business and technology challenge.

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Past Episodes

  • June 25, 2021

    side-by-side portraits of researchers Barbara Lohse and Ellyn Satter.

    Podcast: Tools to Fight Nutrition Risk in Children  

    Intersections: The RIT Podcast, Ep. 50: Contentious battles are often fought over the dinner table around what and how much a child should eat. RIT researcher Barbara Lohse, head of the Wegmans School of Health and Nutrition, and colleague Ellyn Satter have rigorously tested and validated a common-sense approach to identify and prevent nutrition risk in children.

  • May 26, 2021

    side-by-side portraits of professor Nickesia Gordon, student Trinity McFadden, and professor Carol Anderson.

    Podcast: Race, Gender and Voting Rights  

    Intersections: The RIT Podcast, Ep. 49: New restrictive voting laws in states across the country present obstacles to the polls via voter ID laws, voter role purges, and poll closures. The collective impact on American citizens’ right to vote follows the centennial celebration of the 19th Amendment and women’s suffrage. Nickesia Gordon, School of Communication, and Trinity McFadden '21 (criminal justice), talk with historian Carol Anderson, Emory University.

  • May 12, 2021

    two presenters standing on either side of a TV screen that says: metaproject 11.

    Podcast: Metaproject 11 with Staach  

    Intersections: The RIT Podcast, Ep. 48: Design must play a critical role as society faces difficult discussions and works to create a new balance in a troubled world. Josh Owen, director of the Vignelli Center for Design Studies, and Seth Eshelman '06, founder of sustainable design firm Staach, discuss their Metaproject collaboration.

  • April 22, 2021

    Ferris wheel made of K'Nex.

    Podcast: Along for the Ride with Theme Park Enthusiasts  

    Intersections: The RIT Podcast, Ep. 47: RIT’s Theme Park Enthusiasts started as a casual group of roller coaster fanatics. Today, they have won national design competitions and have found co-ops and jobs in the field of theme park entertainment. Travis Faircloth, current club leader, talks to alumnus and former member Robert Cybulski, CAE Analyst at Roush Industries, and Michael Deneau, vice president of Entertainment Engineering at Roush Industries. They share insights about the growth of the club and what it takes to succeed in a very competitive and rewarding industry.

  • April 9, 2021

    side-by-side images of Dan Johnson, Ian Mortimer, and Steven Carnovale.

    Podcast: Preparing Students for the New Economy  

    Intersections: The RIT Podcast, Ep. 46: Anticipating rapid changes in the workplace—further accelerated by lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic—RIT is seizing on the opportunity to guide students to new economy majors that are multidisciplinary, transformative, and future-focused. Dan Johnson, professor of packaging science; Ian Mortimer, vice president for Enrollment Management; and Steven Carnovale, assistant professor of supply chain management, discuss the importance of offering majors that ensure successful outcomes while meeting the ever-changing needs of a new, and evolving, economy.

  • March 25, 2021

    side-by-side portraits of three mental health therapists.

    Podcast: Addressing Mental Health Challenge for Students of Color  

    Intersections: The RIT Podcast, Ep. 45: As our society reckons with issues of racial disparity and mental health, RIT’s Counseling and Psychological Services is working to address some of the unique mental health challenges facing RIT’s students of color. Three mental health therapists who identify as people of color—Odessa Despot, Jaime Castillo, and Isabel Chandler—discuss issues related to mental health stigma, the impacts of racism and racial trauma, and ways to support those experiencing mental health issues.

  • March 10, 2021

    portraits of six students.

    Podcast: Championship Hacking  

    Intersections: The RIT Podcast, Ep. 44: RIT took home the top trophy at the Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition international finals in 2021, beating out student teams from 63 other schools. Team captain Sunggwan Choi, a fifth-year computing security BS/MS student, and Spencer Roth, a third-year computing security BS/MS student, share their experiences from the team’s win and discuss how the competition has impacted their futures in the ever-changing field of cybersecurity.

  • February 3, 2021

    side-by-side portraits of Patti Cyr and Jennifer O’Neill.

    Podcast: A KEEN Eye for Engineering  

    Intersections: The RIT Podcast, Ep. 43: The KEEN Engineering Unleashed network is driving change in engineering education. Patti Cyr, lecturer in the Kate Gleason College of Engineering, and Jennifer O’Neill, assistant professor in the College of Engineering Technology, discuss what the entrepreneurial mindset is and how connections to the network are providing an edge for RIT students.