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Tigers Helping Tigers

A virtual fundraising event on June 25 featuring performing artists. 

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Expression for Everyone

Performing arts at a university known around the world for its excellence in science and tech? You better believe it. By combining the constantly innovative nature of technology with traditional art and performance, we are breaking new ground in the realm of artistic experience.



students participate in performing arts each year


theater, dance, music, or other arts organizations perform on campus


music and theater courses are offered at RIT

Engineers pursue performance, techies tackle the humanities, and artists learn to code.

RIT students singing on stage.

RIT students singing on stage.

Performing Arts Scholarship

You're interested in more than just your major. You have a love and a talent for singing, acting, dancing, or playing music. At RIT, we not only hope you'll continue participating in the performing arts, we absolutely encourage it through the Performing Arts Scholarship.

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Upcoming Facilities


The Student Hall for Exploration and Development (the SHED), a 100,000-plus-square-foot facility, will become the epicenter of what RIT represents with a huge makerspace, a black-box theater, a dance studio, and music rehearsal spaces.

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Music Performance Theater

Design of a two-theater complex has just begun. The smaller theater with approximately 800 seats will house musical theater, including a historic organ. We seek to add a 1,500-seat orchestra hall for larger audiences in a second phase.

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Message from the President

David Munson

RIT is striving to develop the leading performing arts program in the nation for non-majors. We are seeking the most talented and creative students who can continue their passions for music, dance, theater, and the arts. RIT is a place where you can exercise your multiple talents, satisfy your thirst for learning and for doing, and experiment along the way. We’re always on to something. And we’re having fun along the way.

Dr. David C. Munson Jr.
RIT President

Portraits of Performance

Two RIT performers dancing on stage.

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Performing Arts News

  • September 18, 2023

    college students wearing Hawaiian shirts standing on a stage in a theater in front of a full crowd.

    RIT’s second week at the 2023 Rochester Fringe Festival

    Hundreds of people attended a performance by an RIT-related act during the first week of the 12-day Rochester Fringe Festival, with students, faculty, and staff contributing music, dance, comedy, poetry, photojournalism, in downtown Rochester. And nearly 20 other RIT-related performances are scheduled later this week.

  • September 11, 2023

    13 male college students wearing black suits lined up on a stage, singing.

    RIT well represented at 2023 Rochester Fringe Festival

    RIT students, faculty, and staff will contribute music, dance, comedy, poetry, photojournalism, and more during the 12th annual Rochester Fringe Festival, which begins Tuesday, Sept. 12, and runs through Sept. 23 in downtown Rochester.

  • September 6, 2023

    five people holding orange shovels at a ceremonial ground breaking.

    RIT breaks ground for new music performance theater

    In order to accommodate a surge in students engaged in performing arts, an official groundbreaking was held today for RIT’s new music performance theater, the first major theater project in the Rochester area in decades. The three-story, 40,000-square-foot building will consist of a 750-seat theater primarily to be used for musical theater productions.