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Performing Arts at RIT

Scholarly explorations. Dazzling performance opportunities.
Pulsating events.

At RIT, the performing arts are multidimensional. With a multitude of opportunities to explore the arts through course work, participation as a performer, or as an avid spectator, you’ll be challenged to think creatively about artistic expression while you watch the power of movement, sound, lighting, and stage production as it crafts a powerful presentation of artistic expression.

Study // Academic Programs

Department of Performing Arts and Visual Culture

Theatre Arts Minor
Theatre Arts Immersion
Music Performance Minor
Music and Technology Minor
Music Immersion
Applied Music (one to one lessons)

For more information, contact:
Jonathan Kruger
Chair PAVC, and Director of Music

David Munnell
Director of Theatre Arts

National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) Performing Arts

NTID Performing Arts offers a special certificate in performing arts that documents the academic training students receive while actively participating in Performance or Technical Theatre activities.

For more information contact:
Aaron Kelstone
NTID Performing Arts Program Director

Wellness Courses

RIT offers a variety of performance-related wellness courses in categories such as dance, recreation, and martial arts.

For more information contact:
Michelle A. Schrouder
Director, Wellness Education

Attend and Enjoy // Upcoming events, calendar, box office info

Department of Performing Arts and Visual Culture

Theatre Arts Productions
Music Ensemble Concerts
Faculty Spotlight Concerts
Performing Artists Concert Series

For information on theatre arts workshops, readings, and excursions, please email David Munnell.

For more general information, contact:

National Techical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) Performing Arts

Each season several productions are produced in the Panara Theatre and 1510 Lab Theatre. These productions are presented simultaneously by Deaf actors who sign the lines and hearing actors who speak the lines.

Every aspect of an NTID production is accessible to both Deaf and hearing people: back stage, onstage, or in the house. The following sections will give you an idea of how we produce this unique form of theatre.

Perform and Participate // Audition and Performance Opportunities

Diversity Theater

RIT Diversity Theater presents interactive learning workshops using theater and theatrical techniques to engage participants in meaningful experiences within the context of diversity and inclusion education.

For more information, contact:
Tina Chapman DaCosta
Diversity Theatre Program Developer

RIT Performing Arts News

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