ASL Performance Minor

As part of your bachelor’s degree requirements, you’ll enhance your core studies by completing an immersion (a concentration of three courses in your particular area). You can also complement your major, develop another area of professional expertise, or pursue a personal interest by completing a minor.


A minor can complement an undergraduate student’s major, help them develop another area of professional expertise, or enable them to pursue an area of personal interest. Completion of a minor is formally designated on the baccalaureate transcript, which serves to highlight this accomplishment to employers and graduate schools.


ASL Performance Minor

The ASL Performance minor focuses on forms of creative expression that are unique to Deaf communities and signed language. Students develop conceptual, analytical, and artistic skills through analysis and practice. Given that this immersion focuses on the study and use of sign language in a performance environment, a minimum score of 3 on the ASL placement exam; or MLAS-301, INTP-126, or NASL-200, or equivalent course; or department permission is required for admission to the minor. Instruction is in ASL and voice interpreters will not be provided.

ASL Performance Minor effective as of Fall 2023
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Erin Auble
Erin Auble
Interim Department Chair
NTID Department for Performing Arts
National Technical Institute for the Deaf