Music Ensemble Auditions

At RIT, you’ll have the opportunity to study and perform in music ensembles that offer both academic credit and non credit options.

Whether you want to get involved in a music ensemble or just simply enjoy them as a spectator, RIT’s performing arts have something to offer everyone. Auditions for each ensemble are typically held at the beginning of each semester. See individual audition requirements below or contact with any questions.

Spring 2024
All new and returning members will need to complete this form for Spring 2024.
If you are a new member (or you have not played for Prof. Camarillo), please sign-up for an audition slot on SignUpGenius here.

Audition Information
The purpose of the audition is to determine if you will be successful in the context of the band program, and, which concert band you will fit into best.
Band placement considers your schedule, seniority, and the instrumentation needs of each ensemble, and is at the director’s discretion.
For more information please visit the Concert Band webpage.

When and Where
Auditions for the Spring 2024 semester will be held January 16, 18, and 23rd from 6:30 to 8:30 PM in 10 minute slots.
Previous RIT Band members (who have played for Prof. Camarillo) do not need to reaudition.
All auditions will be held in SAU (Student Alumni Union) A130, in the basement level across from the Ingle Auditorium backstage doors.

What do I prepare?
The audition is designed to be quick and straightforward.
Please prepare a 1-2 minute excerpt (solo, etude, etc…) that demonstrates your best playing abilities.
The audition will also include some simple sight-reading.
After the audition you will be notified whether you are admitted to the ensemble or given the option to enroll in lessons.
You will receive a permission code for FNRT 252 at this time.

If you need an instrument, please let Prof. Camarillo know before the audition and we can coordinate instrument usage.
RIT can provide the following instruments, albeit in limited quantities: oboe, bassoon, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, trombone, euphonium, and tuba.

Questions regarding this audition process? Contact Professor Luke Camarillo

Spring 2024 Audition Information

  • Please sign up for a 10 minute audition time on this Google sheet. 
  • Please fill out the RIT Jazz Fall 2023 Google form.
  • The audition will consist of:
    • 1.) Chromatic Scale 
      • Saxophones: low Bb to high F and back down
      • Brass: full usable range
      • Rhythm: N/A
    • 2.) Prepared section from a big band chart. Charts can be found here.
      • Note that rhythm section instruments must prepare both selections
    • 3.) Sight reading a jazz melody
    • 4.) Soloing over a concert Bb or F blues or tune of your choice - This is optional for joining a big band, but required for joining a jazz combo

*Guitar/piano/bass/drums must be able to read both chord changes (lead sheet) as well as written notation.

*Drummers may be asked to demonstrate different grooves (swing, bossa nova, rock, etc.)

Note to All Musicians
Big Bands will accept:
-6 saxophones
-4 trombones
-5 trumpets
-2 of each rhythm section instrument (guitar, piano, bass, drums)

Jazz combos will accept:
- 3 to 4 horn players

Spring 2024 Audition Information

Why the audition process? Music is something that goes all the way through our lives. In our ensemble, we will not only perform music and create artwork together, but also be part of the music-loving community and share our life stories. To help you best shine in your musical talents, it is vital for you and me to know more about you and the level of your ability. I cant wait to hear your playing in person and learn more about your goals at RIT - Dr. Ma

The Audition Process

Please note that returning members still need to meet with Dr. Ma for seating assignment purposes.

1.) Contact Dr. Ma at for section openings and to schedule an audition

2.) Prepare two of the excerpts provided for your instrument

     Find Excerpts Here 
3.) Come with any questions you have for Dr. Ma. 

Auditions are available on a first come first serve basis. Please schedule your audition time sooner rather than later


Individual auditions will take place during the first weeks of the fall semester. Interested students are encouraged to email Thatcher Lyman at for more information and to schedule a time to meet. Please email Mr. Lyman with any questions and for more information on singing safely with the RIT Singers this fall.

No preparation or audition required. Contact Director Kerfala Bangoura for more information about joining the ensemble.

The first class meeting of the Spring 2023 semester will be held on Tuesday, January 17 at 5pm in SAU A120. Please email Prof. Bangoura prior to attending (

Prior instruction not required, no audition necessary. Please contact the director, Mr. Ted Canning, for additional information about joining the ensemble.

Learn more about our ensembles and auditioning process