Popular Music Collective

The RIT Popular Music Collective provides collaborative opportunities for musicians, producers, recording engineers, artist managers, promoters, graphic designers, music journalists, marketing teams, and arts entrepreneurs to work together to promote music on campus. Whether your aspirations are as an artist or as a part of the team that drives the entertainment industry, there are many opportunities to participate!


Rehearsal Space

The Annex provides the space and equipment for bands, groups and individuals to find their sound and hone their craft. 

Live Sound and Lighting Equipment Training

Learn the set-up and tear down of equipment. Once trained, students can use the equipment for rehearsals and performances. 

Bi-weekly Songwriting Workshops

Available in beginner and advanced sessions, collaborate with music faculty and students or get feedback on individual projects.

Jam Sessions

Weekly music sessions to amplify creativity and community and provide a social atmosphere for students to share their musical talents. 

In The News

RIT's First Annual Unlabeled Music Festival 

Tiger Records Offers RIT Students Insight Into the Music Industry

Interested in learning more about the Popular Music Collective or want to know how to get involved?


Karl Stabnau
Visiting Lecturer
Director of Jazz Ensembles
Popular Music Collective
School of Performing Arts
College of Liberal Arts
Bass player and Singer
Guitar Player
Bass player, keyboardist and singer

Brick City Weekend 2023

The Popular Music Collective plays the Sklarsky Glass Box Theater starting at 10am on Saturday, October 14

Band members to be announced from stage. 

Joris Hoogendoorn - Mechatronics Engineering Technology
Max Wakeling - New Media Design
Anthony Wilcox - Biology
W. O'Brien - Alumnus

Natalie Furman - Graphic Design
Grace Elliot - Graphic Design
AJ Rodrigues - Illustration

Max Clot - Computer Science
Kajia Hjelm - Film Production
Ryan Richter - Software Engineering
Jack Moreland - Cybersecurity
David Morse - Game Design

Hard Rock
Jared MacKensie - Mechanical Engineering
Nhat Van - Mechanical Engineering Technology
Josh Matthews - Mechanical Engineering Technology
Anthony Roberts - Computer Science 

Anthony Wilcox - Biology
Joshua Yoder - Computer Science 

Ben Sultzer - Game Design and Development 
Lucas Diamond - Game Design and Development
Calvin Samuelson - 3D Digital Design
Gerrit Wissink - Web and Mobile Computing 
Kaleb Pendleton - Computer Science 

Zackery Harji - Computer Engineering 
Will Hagele - Computer Engineering
Cristian Malone - Computer Science
Izzy Kunde - Communications
Ryan Keller - Game Design and Development
Zachary Wilson - Game Design and Development
Avyay Natarajan - Audio Engineering and Technology
Troy Wolf - Software Engineering
Martin Marraccino - Mechatronics
Shane Guasteferro - Biomedical Engineering