School of Performing Arts Advisory Board

Meet the Advisory Board Members

Rosa Arnone

Inaugural Member

Web Begole

Inaugural MemberĀ 

Ron Dufort

Inaugural Member

Rick Hoffmeister

Inaugural Member

Bob Kalka

Inaugural Member

Theresa (Terrie) Mui

Inaugural Member

Fred Redd

Inaugural Member

About the Advisory Board

The RIT School of Performing Arts Advisory Board comprises a group of individuals who are dedicated to the performing arts. The board is called upon regularly to advise the Director on strategic issues and initiatives of major significance to the School and broader performing arts ecosystem of RIT. They provide critical input, analysis and philanthropic support, as well as promoting the School with external audiences. Membership consists of alumni, parents of alumni, Rochester community members and friends of RIT who are leaders in their fields and can provide regional, national, and global perspectives.

The Board meets twice annually in the fall and spring. Membership is by invitation only from the Director in consultation with the faculty. A balance of performing arts disciplines and diversity of identities, such as gender, race, and ethnicity, is a guiding factor in board member selection. Qualifications in community outreach, philanthropy, advancement, and the performing arts will benefit the board. Members serve three-year terms, renewable once, and are eligible for re-appointment after a break in service at discretion of the Director. A Chair, appointed by the Director, typically serves a two-year term. Expectations of Board members are intentionally limited to make it possible for busy individuals to participate and ensure the faculty governance is not impeded. They include:

  • Provide counsel to the Director through formal meetings, as well as on an individual basis periodically throughout the year.
  • Attend at least one meeting annually.
  • Facilitating introductions for the School within members network.
  • Support the School philanthropically.
  • On a voluntary basis and as interest and available time allow, Board members may also participate in one or more of the following other activities:
    • Speak to classes and/or give masterclasses at the invitation of appropriate faculty and/or staff.
    • Attend School of Performing Arts events, productions, and concerts.
    • Meet with faculty and students to learn about their interests.
    • Give presentations to campus audiences.
    • Recruit students for co-op and/or full-time career opportunities

Nominations are welcomed and encouraged.