Combined Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees

When you’re driven, you should be allowed to show your stuff.

RIT’s Combined Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees are for our most highly focused, goal-oriented students. These pathways enable you to earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in as little as five years. That’s a full year of time, effort, and expense shaved off from what is normally a six- to seven-year journey.

Prepare for your future faster.

What is a Combined Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree?

RIT’s Combined Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees are designed for exceptional undergraduate students with outstanding academic records. They accelerate your learning and position you for success. You’ll earn two degrees in less time, and with a cost savings, while still taking advantage of cooperative education experiences, internships, research, study abroad, and more.

There are two ways to enroll in one of these pathways:

A large group of students walking down the Quarter Mile walkway at RIT.

Outstanding applicants for first-year admission may be offered conditional early acceptance to a master’s degree program as an incoming first-year student.

Two RIT students working on a project in a lab at the MAGIC Center.

RIT students currently enrolled in a qualifying undergraduate degree program may apply for admission to a combined accelerated bachelor’s/master’s pathway after their second or third year of study, depending upon their bachelor’s degree program.

6 Reasons Why RIT’s Combined Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees Prepare You for Success

A Highly Selective Offer
If you are admitted to one of our Combined Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees, you have demonstrated remarkable aptitude, capability, and potential to succeed. We recognize that you are ahead of your peers and ready to position yourself for a successful future.

Diversify Your Education
Add an MBA to your engineering degree or a master of architecture to your design degree. These pathways are designed for you to pursue your professional interests and create dynamic career opportunities.

Exceptional Value
By collapsing what is normally a six- or seven-year academic journey into approximately five years of study, a Combined Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees maximizes your investment by saving you time and money. And, earning two degrees from RIT means you’ll benefit from our rich reputation for career success.

Maximize Your Earning Potential
Graduating with a bachelor’s and a master’s—and the experience and knowledge that comes with both degrees—often means higher starting salaries and more earning potential over the course of your career.

Extraordinary Support
You’ll receive highly personalized academic support and advising to guide you in course selection, cooperative education and internships, undergraduate research opportunities, and overall career planning.

Expand Your Network
Combined Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees enable you to build relationships with graduate faculty and network with professional contacts sooner as you engage in hands-on research opportunities and projects with industry partners.

Combined Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees

Accelerated Degree Programs

In our accelerated bachelor’s and master’s pathways, graduate courses with the same or similar learning outcomes as an equivalent undergraduate course are waived. You will find information on curriculum, course requirements, and more at the links below.

Dual-Degree Programs (BS/MS, BS/ME)

In our accelerated dual-degree programs, RIT generally double-counts six to nine credit hours in both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees, enabling you to accelerate your studies to complete both degrees faster. You will find information on curriculum, course requirements, and more on the BS program page.

Conditional early acceptance offered to outstanding first-year applicants

Bachelor’s Degree Master’s Degree(s)
Accounting BS Accounting and Analytics MS 
Advertising and Public Relations BS Communication MS 
Applied Mathematics BS Applied and Computational Mathematics MS 
Applied Statistics and Data Analytics BS

Applied and Computational Mathematics MS 

Applied Statistics MS 

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology BS Bioinformatics MS 
Biology BS Environmental Science MS 
Biomedical Engineering BS Science, Technology, and Public Policy MS 
Biomedical Sciences BS Health and Well-Being Management MS 
Biotechnology and Molecular Bioscience BS Bioinformatics MS 
Chemical Engineering BS

Materials Science and Engineering MS 

Science, Technology, and Public Policy MS

Chemistry BS

Chemistry MS 

Materials Science and Engineering MS 

Communication BS Communication MS 
Computational Mathematics BS

Applied and Computational Mathematics MS 

Computer Science MS

Computer Engineering BS

Computer Engineering MS 

Science, Technology, and Public Policy MS

Computer Engineering Technology BS Computer Science MS
Computer Science BS

Computer Science MS 

Cybersecurity MS 

Software Engineering MS 

Criminal Justice BS Criminal Justice MS 
Cybersecurity BS

Cybersecurity MS 

Science, Technology and Public Policy MS

Economics BS

Science, Technology and Public Policy MS

Sustainable Systems MS

Electrical Engineering BS

Electrical Engineering MS 

Science, Technology and Public Policy MS

Environmental Science BS

Environmental Science MS 

Science, Technology and Public Policy MS

Environmental Sustainability, Health and Safety BS Environmental Health and Safety Management MS 
Game Design and Development BS Game Design and Development MS
History BS Sustainable Systems MS
Industrial Engineering BS

Engineering Management ME 

Industrial and Systems Engineering MS 

Science, Technology and Public Policy MS

International and Global Studies BS Science, Technology, and Public Policy MS
Journalism BS Communication MS 
Mechanical Engineering BS

Mechanical Engineering MS

Mechanical Engineering ME 

Science, Technology, and Public Policy MS

Mechanical Engineering Technology BS Manufacturing and Mechanical Systems Integration MS 
Mechatronics Engineering Technology BS Manufacturing and Mechanical Systems Integration MS 
Microelectronic Engineering BS

Material Science and Engineering MS 

Science, Technology, and Public Policy MS

Nutritional Sciences BS

Dietetics and Nutrition MS 

Health and Well-being Management MS

Packaging Science BS

Packaging Science MS

Materials Science and Engineering MS

Philosophy BS Sustainable Systems MS
Photographic Sciences BS Color Science MS
Physician Assistant BS/MS  
Physics BS

Astrophysical Sciences and Technology MS 

Materials Science and Engineering MS 

Physics MS 

Science, Technology, and Public Policy MS 

Sustainable Systems MS 

Political Science BS Sustainable Systems MS
Print and Graphic Media Technology BS Packaging Science MS
Psychology BS

Experimental Psychology MS 

Artificial Intelligence MS

Sustainable Systems MS

Robotics and Manufacturing Engineering Technology BS Manufacturing and Mechanical Systems Integration MS 
Sociology and Anthropology BS

Communication MS

Hospitality Business Management MS

Science, Technology, and Public Policy MS

Sustainable Systems MS

Software Engineering BS

Computer Science MS 

Cybersecurity MS 

Software Engineering MS 

Conditions for Continuance for Early Accept Accelerated Scholars

RIT offers conditional early acceptance into a Combined Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s program to outstanding first-year applicants. Acceptance is considered ‘conditional’ until set program requirements are met. To view or download the requirements for continuance in an a Combined Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree, click the links below based on enrollment term:

Program Handbook

Check out the Combined Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees handbook to take a deeper dive into how the program works.

Accelerated Scholars Handbook

Partner Programs

Partner programs are agreements between RIT and other academic institutions in which RIT students may be offered conditional or guaranteed acceptance to graduate programs at one of these colleges and universities:

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine Early Acceptance Programs
RIT has partnered with Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine to offer early acceptance programs to RIT students interested in pursuing medical and dental school, or a graduate degree in pharmacy.

RIT-Syracuse University College of Law Accelerated 3+3 BS/JD Option
RIT has partnered with Syracuse University College of Law to offer an accelerated 3+3 BS/JD option for highly capable and motivated students who wish to fast-track their pathway to law school.