Global Engagement

In our increasingly global world, living, learning, and studying with international students—and studying abroad in a culture different from your own—prepares you to become a global citizen.

Understanding how we are all different unites us in our understanding of the world, of social problems that cross borders, and of opportunities to share insights and solutions. A global education shows us how much more we all have in common, and how when we work together the whole world benefits.


Key Facts


Global Campuses in 5 locations

RIT China, RIT Croatia, RIT Dubai, RIT Kosovo


International Students across all RIT campuses

Representing 100+ countries


Global Learning Opportunities

Study abroad, faculty-led excursions, research opportunities, exchanges, and fellowships


International Partnerships

With world class universities and organizations around the world.

RIT’s International Campuses

RIT’s Global Campuses—located in China, Croatia, Dubai, and Kosovo—provide unique opportunities for you to extend your RIT education in exciting, dynamic international locations.

RIT Croatia

With campuses in both the coastal city of Dubrovnik and the capital city of Zagreb, RIT Croatia finds itself nestled in a country rising in popularity as a tourist destination and booming with a bustling economy. With international businesses and world-class hotels and resorts just steps from our campuses, students studying international business, computing, and hospitality and tourism can gain meaningful experience studying abroad and living and learning in this energetic European destination.

RIT Dubai

Strategically located in the heart of the Dubai Silicon Oasis, one of the world’s leading centers of advanced innovation and design, RIT Dubai features 10 undergraduate and six graduate programs in engineering, computing, business, city science, and service leadership. Spend a semester studying in a city of engineering and architectural wonder, and immerse yourself in a dynamic, vibrant culture. RIT Dubai recently completed phase one of construction on a state-of-the-art new campus in the Dubai Silicon Oasis.

RIT Kosovo

Kosovo is one of Europe’s newest democracies. And, with more than 50 percent of its population under the age of 30, it’s a youthful, vibrant country with an exciting nightlife and a deep sense of cultural exchange. RIT Kosovo is located within walking distance of Pristina’s downtown and offers course work in management, public policy, international relations, political science, and economics.

RIT China

China is a major player in today’s global economy. With business practices and relationships in China being very different from those commonly encountered in the U.S., a study abroad experience in China gives RIT students the extra edge that employers look for. Students at RIT China, located in Weihai, can study management information systems, complete liberal arts and business courses, and study Chinese language and culture.

International Experiences for Students

Study Abroad

Study abroad is available in more than 60+ countries through diverse program offerings for all majors, including short-term faculty-led programs, immersive exchange programs, experiences that explore international Deaf culture, and opportunities to do international research.

International Fellowships

International fellowships and scholarships are financial awards granted to students to support study, research, or work abroad. Eligible students are selected through an often competitive application process.

Work Abroad

Working abroad allows you to immerse yourself in a country’s professional environment, where you can make connections and master key skills that will help you achieve your career goals.

Virtual Experiences

Virtual Intercultural Experiences are international classes or experiences that are completed partially or fully online. Through these virtual experiences, you can engage in a meaningful way with another culture, earn RIT credits, and boost your resume without having to pack a bag.

The flags of several nations next to each other.

Academic Programs with Global Reach

While you can participate in study abroad and other international experiences as a part of any degree program, RIT offers several majors specific to broadening your understanding of languages, cultures, global social issues, and international relations. These programs encourage international study, where you can immerse yourself in the culture, language, and social issues of a foreign country.

RIT’s Global Impact … From Across Town to Across Borders

Broadening our understanding of the world around us enables us to gain perspectives that are valuable in understanding who we are, what we stand for, and how we’ll use our knowledge to impact others

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Experiencing Global Health Practices in Nigeria

Biomedical Sciences Professor Bolaji Thomas and a group of RIT students traveled to Nigeria to understand the impact tropical diseases such as malaria have on the population and the medical protocols used in diagnosis and treatment.

RIT Graduate Volunteers with Peace Corps

Alessandra Santarosa, an RIT alum who earned a bachelor’s degree in political science, taught English for two years as a volunteer with the Peace Corps. This experience enabled Santarosa to give back to the country that hosted her for a study abroad experience during her time at RIT.

Hope for Honduras

Students from the interior design, industrial design, and biomedical engineering majors traveled with Professor Mary Golden to Honduras to gather research and data to better understand the health issues facing the country’s neonatal care and infant mortality. Upon their return to RIT, students used design and engineering solutions to develop products and solutions that helped to improve maternal and infant care.

Global Engineering for a Local Impact

Associate Professor Marcos Esterman and senior engineering students use cutting-edge technology to solve real-world problems, make a social impact, and empower citizens of Cali, Colombia. A range of collaborative projects that are part of the students’ multidisciplinary senior design course utilize technology including solar-powered 3D printers and aquaponics.

Studying the Impact of Anemia

Brenda Abu, a post-doctoral fellow in the Wegmans School of Health and Nutrition, was joined by RIT students to assist with her research in Ghana. The team looked at the different factors that contribute to anemia and developed ways to make these factors less of an influence in order to reduce the likelihood of the disease.

Using Mapping Technology to Help Refugees in Rwanda

RIT students traveled to Rwanda with Professor Brian Tomaszewski to gather data to create maps that can help to improve the lives of Rwanda refugees and refugee camp organizers. Under the leadership of Tomaszewski, students used geographic information systems mapping technology to create maps that are easier for refugees and humanitarian organizations to use, allowing refugees to get the resources they need.

RIT Global Engagement News

  • June 26, 2024

    A groupf of NASA technicians lift the Webb Telescope using a crane to move it inside a clean room at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

    Like a time machine 

    CITY features Jeyhan Kartaltepe, associate professor in the School of Physics and Astronomy, in a review of Rochester's contributions to the James Webb Space Telescope and space exploration.

  • June 6, 2024

    a group of students gather with a flag that says R I T Tigers Abroad.

    Event in Genoa, Italy marks milestone for RIT experiential learning programs

    RIT marked the 20th anniversary of its experiential learning programs in Genoa, Italy, with an event at the historic Palazzo Doria-Tursi, which houses Genoa’s city hall. The celebration, organized in collaboration with Door to Italy, an esteemed language school in Genoa that partners with RIT on the programs, highlighted the success of RIT’s study abroad and work abroad initiatives, which have enriched students’ academic and professional experiences over the past two decades.