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Fellowships and Scholarships

What are international scholarships and fellowships?
International scholarships and fellowships are financial awards granted to students to support study, research, or work abroad. Eligible students are selected through an often competitive application process. 

Study Abroad Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

Post-Graduate Fellowships

  • DAAD RISE Professional - funding for graduate students to assist with research in Germany in the fields of biology, chemistry, computer science, physics, earth science, or engineering
  • Fulbright Fellowship (U.S. Student Program) - funding for upcoming or recent graduates to go to grad school, complete an independent research project abroad, or teach English abroad

Contact Jenny Sullivan (, Director of Education Abroad & International Fellowships, for more information on these opportunities and to assist you in the application process.

RIT Fellowship and Scholarship Advising Services

As an RIT student or alumnus/a, you have the benefit of applying to international fellowships through RIT. 

Specifically, the RIT Education Abroad & International Fellowships office provides:

  • Resources such as webinars and videos about award specifics, application tips, etc.
  • Individualized coaching
  • Hands-on proofreading and review of application materials
  • Vetting of application by RIT faculty and staff

To learn more about scholarships and fellowships for international education, contact Jenny Sullivan at

Search For Awards

  • Featured Awardee

    Sherry Robinson

    As a DAAD Rise awardee, Sherry will assist with research at Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg in Germany on a project which focuses on developing an artificial intelligence software agent for use in the healthcare field that can use its history with patients, the current situation, as well as various inputs such as tone of voice to form an empathic response. “I pursued a DAAD award because I find myself drawn to the frontier of computer science. I want to witness discoveries and push the boundaries of our understanding.

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  • Featured Awardee

    Brian Nardone

    As a DAAD Rise awardee, Brian will work with Technische Universität Kaiserslautern in Germany, researching NMR techniques to help develop new experimental data processing methods to help analyze the thermodynamics of specific chemical and process engineering reactions. “This program will allow me the chance to make connections with peers who have similar mindsets and goals as myself, along with professional connections with those I'll be working for and with,” says Brian.

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  • Featured Awardee

    Mikayla Fors

    As a Fulbright Canada Mitacs awardeee, Mikayla will assist with research at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, collecting data in a patient population suffering from severe mental illness and substance use disorders, to study patient outcomes and characterization. “I will be working individually with patients at an inpatient rehab facility, conducting computer-based experimental treatments with the patients,” says Mikayla.

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  • Featured Awardee

    Sydney VanWinkle

    Sydney will head to Madagascar in fall 2022 to study the impact that conservation initiatives have on local communities and the environment. Over nine months she will analyze the impacts of conservation initiatives that occur through the Centre ValBio (CVB), a field station in Ranomafana National Park. In addition, she will assess an initiative led by the Seneca Park Zoo Society and another led by CVB’s Education and Outreach Department. “I think I’m going to gain a lot more experience in Madagascar with the social side of conservation and environmental work,” she says.

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  • Featured Awardee

    Finn Cohen

    As a Fulbright Canada Mitacs awardeee, Finn will work with the Université de Sherbrooke to examine the impact of young children’s digital media use during the COVID-19 pandemic on health and developmental outcomes. “We're looking at how this affects physical health and academic outcomes when the children first start school, and how the child's individual and family situations contribute to their use of digital media,” says Finn.

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