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Fellowships and Scholarships

What are international fellowships and scholarships?
International fellowships and scholarships are financial awards granted to students to support study, research, or work abroad. Eligible students are selected through an often competitive application process. List of featured awards for study abroad

RIT Fellowship and Scholarship Advising Services
As an RIT student or alumnus/a, you have the benefit of applying to international fellowships through RIT. 

Specifically, the RIT Education Abroad & International Fellowships office provides:

  • Resources such as webinars and videos about award specifics, application tips, etc.
  • Individualized coaching
  • Hands-on proofreading and review of application materials
  • Vetting of application by RIT faculty and staff

To learn more about scholarships and fellowships for international education, contact Jenny Sullivan at

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  • Featured Awardee

    Ashley Gleason

    I wanted to study abroad because coming from a small, rural town in Western NY, I had no experience being in another country ... not even Canada! I wanted to go out and see the world during my time at RIT because college is the best time for me to do so, as I could work to fund study abroad and apply for financial aid.

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  • Featured Awardee

    Julia Provenzano

    In addition to a rigorous course load as a Chemical Engineering and International and Global Studies double major, I am also on the cross country and indoor and outdoor track teams at RIT, along with being a member of Spanish Club and Engineers for a Sustainable World. I decided to study abroad because having taken Spanish since middle school, becoming fluent in the language has been one of my long term goals. I also wanted to be immersed in a different culture.

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  • Shannon Smith

    Featured Awardee

    Shannon Smith

    I chose to go to Japan because of my long-standing interest in the language and culture.  Deciding to study abroad inspired me to declare a minor in Japanese language and participate a weekly event called "Japanese Conversation Table,” during which I became close friends with Japanese International students.

    Study abroad is a wonderful way to learn about the world from others' perspectives, and even more about yourself as a whole. It allows personal growth as well as your motivation and passion to grow as you experience life in another country.

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  • Featured Awardee

    Alec Freyn

    I worked in a biochemistry laboratory in Giessen, Germany studying the response of cells to Influenza virus. We used variant strains of virus to measure the immunological response during infection. I worked closely with my Ph.D. candidate mentor and was able to troubleshoot a new technique to monitor expression during my time in the lab.

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  • Featured Awardee

    Erin Binkley

    I decided to study abroad because I wanted to learn about a new language and culture. As an ASL-English interpreting student, I know it is important to always strive to be more culturally aware and I thought studying abroad would be a great opportunity to learn about another country’s culture: both hearing and Deaf. By studying abroad, I’m hoping to learn more about myself and the world. This will help me both personally, and in my career as an interpreter.

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