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Fellowships and Scholarships

What are international fellowships and scholarships?
International fellowships and scholarships are financial awards granted to students to support study, research, or work abroad. Eligible students are selected through an often competitive application process. List of featured awards for study abroad

RIT Fellowship and Scholarship Advising Services
As an RIT student or alumnus/a, you have the benefit of applying to international fellowships through RIT. 

Specifically, the RIT Education Abroad & International Fellowships office provides:

  • Resources such as webinars and videos about award specifics, application tips, etc.
  • Individualized coaching
  • Hands-on proofreading and review of application materials
  • Vetting of application by RIT faculty and staff

To learn more about scholarships and fellowships for international education, contact Jenny Sullivan at

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  • Featured Awardee

    Matthias Hausman

    As an English Teaching Assistant (ETA), Matthias will teach English language in Germany. After studying abroad in Germany in 2019, Matthias wanted to pursue a Fulbright award to have an in-depth cultural experience in Germany and perfect his German language skills. “By teaching, I will be regularly interacting with many Germans of various perspectives, from which I will be able to learn many more perspectives about Germany, and it's culture than I have before,” he says.

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  • Featured Awardee

    Tyler Pugeda

    Tyler will work on a research project based at Charité Hospital in Berlin that investigates a possible mechanism for Alzheimer's disease. “While there are drugs that alleviate symptoms of Alzheimer's, it is frustrating that there are no approved treatments to slow the progression of the disease. However, my Fulbright work could lead to the first groundbreaking therapy that slows the progression of Alzheimer's. It could also extend the use of this research to treat other neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's,” says Tyler.

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  • Featured Awardee

    Victoria Maung

    Victoria Maung has won the prestigious Fulbright Student Program award sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. As an English Teaching Assistant (ETA) awardee, Maung will teach English language while serving as a cultural ambassador for the U.S. Drawing on her previous teaching experience as a camp instructor for Digital Media Academy and a STEM-Leadership camp for Emirati students, Maung hopes to use art, drawing, story boarding and visual design to engage her students in Malaysia.

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  • Featured Awardee

    Ashley Tucker

    Ashley will conduct a research project at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria, working with the malaria research group led by Professor Catherine Falade, Director of the Institute for Advanced Medical Research and Training, College of Medicine. Her research will study rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) used to diagnose malaria in Nigeria and how the deletion of Histidine-Rich Proteins in RDTs can lead to malaria misdiagnosis.

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  • Featured Awardee

    Imani Stone

    As a Fulbright Canada Mitacs Global Link awardee Imani will assist with research at the University of Montreal on a computational neuroscience project to examine how social norms and hierarchy impact brain function and processes. “I wanted to gain research experience, and the fact that the research would be international was a major draw for me. I'm excited to explore an area of interest and connect with experts in the field,” says Imani. With collaboration being a cornerstone of working in a scientific field, the opportunity to work on a global team will be especially fruitful.

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