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We recognize that funding is one of the most important factors in study abroad decision making. Often, it is assumed that studying abroad is cost prohibitive or more expensive than studying at RIT. However, study abroad program costs vary dramatically due to length, number of courses, location, etc.

Program Costs

When students meet with a study abroad advisor to discuss the program they plan to attend, the RIT Education Abroad office will provide them with a Budget Worksheet for that program. The worksheet will outline the actual and estimated out-of-pocket costs of studying abroad. Program costs vary by program and location and typically include:

1. Tuition: the educational cost per credit
The RIT tuition rate is charged for RIT Global Campus, Faculty-Led and Exchange programs. Affiliate programs set their own tuition rate.

2. Program Fee: covers living expenses and some travel expenses
The program fee often includes housing, in-country orientation and support, and sometimes airport transportation and excursions built into the program.

3. Out-Of-Pocket Expenses: real costs of participating, but not billed to the RIT student account
This often includes airfare, personal spending money, meals, and books.

4. Other: Depending on the program, students may also pay an RIT administrative fee (affiliate programs) and for items such as passport, visa, etc.

Funding Options

Financial aid such as Pell grants, subsidized and unsubsidized loans, etc. and RIT aid such as merit scholarships may often be used to cover some study abroad costs. To be eligible for federal aid, you must maintain at half-time status, which is 6 credits. To be eligible for RIT aid as well as federal aid, you must maintain full-time status which is a minimum of 12 credits.

It is important that students take their budget worksheet to their financial aid advisor EARLY to determine how much of their aid will apply.

Scholarships & Fellowships

Another way to finance a study abroad experience is through scholarships. RIT, affiliate study abroad programs, and several national organizations offer scholarships to study abroad. A scholarship search tool is available at Students should seek out scholarship opportunities early in their study abroad planning as scholarship applications are often due earlier than RIT study abroad application deadlines. Featured study abroad scholarships


Students are required to pay a deposit to confirm participation in their study abroad program. If going on an affiliate program, students will pay the deposit directly to the affiliate provider. If going on a global campus, faculty-led or exchange program, students will be billed their deposit on their RIT eServices account. Deposits are non-refundable. The remainder of the cost to participate is billed closer to program departure and will be billed on the RIT eServices account (for ALL programs). These remaining charges are typically due two weeks from when they appear on the student's eServices account. Payment plans can be arranged by calling Student Financial Services at 585-475-6186.