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Food & Dining

Pristina is the place to be if you are a student, with endless amount of different things to see and do! Eating out in Pristina offers variety and excellent food at affordable prices with main courses most often under 8 Euros. Options include salads and fresh vegetables, delicious traditional foods such as "the Balkan Burger" - Qebapa, "Elbasan Tavë" or "Burek", "lashing of lamb", fabulous white cheese, excellent Turkish food, passable pizza and much more.

Gizzi Grill
Perhaps the best thing to come to Kosovo since the Ottomans, Gizzi Grill is a popular restaurant set beside the mall, serving just about anything you'd like. There's a Mexican and U.S. breakfast (with pork bacon), goulash, lunch sandwiches and burgers, steaks, salads, fish dishes and a selection of local cuisine.

Cantina does a good job of making the Tex-Mex tacos and chimichangas spicy and tasty enough to convince real Latinos. If guacamole is not your thing, the cooks can prepare Thai specialties too.

Proper Pizza
Huge tasty, proper pizzas, feeding 1-4 people, delivered steaming hot to your apartment or hotel room door.

Gagi Café
A dazzlingly modern three-store venue with food served on all floors, and plenty of terraces to enjoy the sun. The menu includes fresh calamari, frogs' legs and delicious homemade cheesecake. Piano music is played on Thursday and Saturday.

Tiffany's is a wonderfully laid-back restaurant, brimming with well-heeled locals and foreigners who know a good thing when they see it. The food is prepared in the restaurant according to whatever the chef found at the shops that morning. With no menu, you're never quite sure what you'll get - the waiter will tell you what options you have. Whatever it is, it's bound to be superb. Find the unmarked restaurant on the side road, opposite the Outback bar, across the car park. Highly recommended.

Dit' e Nat'
'Day and night' is Kosovo's first book café, and a good one at that. Apart from a wide variety of English-language books and magazines, there's good coffee, wine, snacks and free Wi-Fi.

Café e Vogel
Run by a friendly local who spent many years in the UK, the 'small café' is a very relaxed place for a coffee, beer and a place to chat with friends and is visited by an alternative crowd of students and foreigners. The two rooms have sofa and ottoman seating, and even when busy it's not too smoky. During the day, snacks are served, including lokum (fried batter balls with onion sauce) and salads.

One of the nicer lounge cafés in the area, Elzar is a converted villa with sleek furnishings and garden seating.