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RIT Global

Faculty-Led and Global Campus Programs
Students going on approved study abroad programs will earn RIT credit. Students will be directly registered for courses by a study abroad advisor or college administrator, with individual course names and letter grades appearing on the student's transcript. Grading is handled the same way as on-campus RIT courses; students will receive letter grades which will calculate into their GPA.

Affiliate and Exchange Programs
Students going on approved affiliate and exchange programs will earn RIT credit. In most cases, students studying abroad on affiliate and exchange programs cannot actually register for their courses until they arrive in country. As a result, courses may be full or no longer available. It is essential that students have alternate courses pre-approved and communicate with their academic advisor, study abroad advisor and financial aid advisor if they register for anything other than what is approved on the Course Pre-Approval form. This is especially important if there is a change in the number of credits a student earns as this can have serious implications, especially on financial aid.

Students will be registered for study abroad classes at RIT (Study Abroad Country for ## credits) by a study abroad advisor or college administrator. Their RIT registration will match what is approved on their pre-approval form. For example, if a student is studying abroad in France for one semester and they received approval for the classes abroad to count for five RIT classes worth three credits each, they would be registered for five different courses titled "Study Abroad - France" for three credits each. Students will work with their study abroad provider and host institution to register for their actual overseas courses before they depart or as soon as they arrive. 

If a student participates in an affiliate or exchange program, the affiliate partner or exchange school will send RIT a final transcript of all courses taken abroad and the letter grades received for each course. A grade of "C" or higher will count as passing and will show as "S" for satisfactory on the RIT transcript; the grades will not be counted towards the GPA. Any grades below a C (including a C-, D or F) will be considered an F on the RIT transcript.