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RIT Global

In our office lobby we have a portion of the RIT Library’s travel books for loan for RIT students and faculty. Our office also offers a Language Lab with computer courses in French, Russian, German, Spanish, Croatian, Albanian, Japanese, Arabic and Italian. This is free for the RIT community. Contact our office for current lab hours.

You can also contact Study Abroad Global Ambassadors who have visited your country or a country like it. They can help you understand what it’s like to study abroad, feel culture shock or be home sick. They can also give you advice about what to do outside of the classroom, what places you should visit in your city or what the academic culture is like abroad. Email to ask for Global Ambassador contact info.

Below are some departments or organizations in Rochester and at RIT that may have a unique perspective on your host country and may be willing to help you prepare to study abroad. The missions of these groups differ and it is up to you to reach out to them to ask specific questions about your research or to find someone who would be willing to help you. Be respectful of their time. In particular, we suggest you think about looking for an international student living in Rochester who might be willing to teach you about their country or help you practice your language skills.

On Campus Resources

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