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RIT Global

RIT has five international campuses in which a student can directly enroll. The campuses are located in Dubrovnik, Croatia; Zagreb, Croatia; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Pristina, Kosovo; and Weihai, China. Students can enroll for a semester or academic year and special programming options are often offered during the summer or over winter break. These campuses follow a similar academic calendar as RIT and the courses are RIT courses. Students will take classes alongside local students allowing them the opportunity to work in diverse teams. Students will pay RIT tuition and receive letter grades.

Approving Courses

The course descriptions for classes offered at RIT Global Campuses can be found on SIS. Change the location at the bottom of the search page to the appropriate campus to display the course offerings. The course offerings for the Global Campuses are typically released later than the course offerings for RIT Rochester. However, the course offerings are fairly consistent from year to year, so it is appropriate to use the previous year’s course offerings as a tentative list.

Ideally study abroad students are taking courses abroad that are equivalent to a required RIT course or an appropriate fulfillment for an RIT academic obligation. Therefore, students are fulfilling academic program requirements and staying on track to graduate on time. Students may also choose to take courses that they are interested in and perhaps couldn’t otherwise take but don’t count towards their degree.

In order to ensure students are taking appropriate courses and staying on track for graduation, we require them to meet with their academic advisor and complete the Course Pre-Approval Form. The student and advisor should each save a copy of the completed and signed Course Pre-Approval Form. The student should also provide a copy of the completed and signed Course Pre-Approval Form to the RIT Education Abroad office.

Download an RIT global campus course pre-approval form here.


The RIT Education Abroad office will register students for each course they take abroad through SIS (students will not be able to enroll themselves in the courses). As regular RIT courses with an RIT course number, there may be no indication that the course is study abroad other than the campus designation, for example “ENGL 210 – Literature, Culture and Media”.

Grading & Transcripts

Students will not receive a study abroad transcript. Instead, each overseas class will be graded individually by the RIT faculty member and the RIT faculty member will assign a US letter grade on SIS. All grades will be calculated into a student’s GPA.