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RIT Global

Students typically take a minimum of 12 credits (4 courses) during their academic semester abroad.  Your department advisor can review and pre-approve the RIT courses offered to ensure that you stay on track with your individual degree program.

A complete list of courses is available on SIS. Login to your SIS account or search under the Public SIS Class search at

Another great resource to look up courses is Tiger Center, a system designed by students for students.  In Tiger Center you can look up courses, it has a feature to compare classes, a GPA calculator and more!

Courses focus on critical thinking, decision-making, communication and leadership – all the skills necessary for success in today’s global work environment.  The teaching methods promote interaction and active participation between students and faculty.  Global Scholars are encouraged to get involved with activities outside of the classroom to immerse themselves in their new environment and provide additional cultural learning.

According to U.S. Immigration law, in order to maintain your student status, you must be a full time student (enrolled in 12 credits for undergraduate, 9 credits for graduate students).