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Communicating with your family and friends is an important part of a successful study abroad experience. You must evaluate what method is best for you. Check with your mobile phone carrier to find out if they offer international calling and what costs would be associated with using your phone abroad. You can use phone cards or install a new SIM card in some phones or it may be less expensive to purchase a pre-paid phone in country. Contact the affiliate or your faculty-director for their advice on the best method for phone or texting services in your host country and for the location of the most convenient internet cafes. Know your country code so loved ones can call you successfully. Many students find it most useful to use free texting services, such as iMessage, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp.

Blogging is not for everyone, but can be a good way to communicate with a large number of your loved ones in less time, so that they can stay engaged in your study abroad experience. Should you decide to blog or photograph while abroad, please share your journey with our office! Send your blog or photos to We will share appropriate and good quality blogs on our Facebook and website. If you share photos we will use them to recruit more students to study abroad!

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For Computer Use with WIFI

  • Google Hangouts - free online group video chats
  • Skype - free video chats or pay for calling to phone numbers

Smart Phone Apps For Use with WIFI

  • Skype - free video chats, pay for calling to phone numbers, send texts through Skype
  • WhatsApp - simple, free online texting
  • Facebook Messenger - use your Facebook account
  • Viber - free calls, texts and photo sharing

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