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ROC Your Global Future: Rochester Area Study Abroad Returnee Conference 

If you have recently studied, interned, volunteered, worked or lived abroad, you are invited to the ROC Your Global Future conference. This is a networking and career development opportunity where study abroad returnees representing colleges from the greater Rochester, NY area come together to connect, reflect, share, network and explore additional international opportunities. Eleven Rochester-area colleges participate and the conference is held every fall. For more details visit the ROC Your Global Future website or email

Participate in the Global Learning Symposium

The Global Learning Symposium is an event that takes place each fall during International Education Week that showcases your academic accomplishments from your study abroad experience and is hosted by the RIT Education Abroad office. Students have the opportunity to share a class project, research findings, portfolio/display of creative work, internship project or volunteer project from your time abroad. A call for proposals is typically extended in September each year and all returned study abroad students are invited to participate (a great addition to your resume!). For more information, contact Michelle Fitz at

Be A Global Ambassador

Did you have a life changing experience while studying abroad? Was there something you learned that you wished you had been told before you left? Work as a Global Ambassador for the RIT Education Abroad office and make an impact on other students as they prepare for their own profound overseas journey! All returned study abroad students are invited to apply - even if you only went abroad for a few weeks! As a Global Ambassador you'll help us recruit students by sharing your personal experience, photos and advice with students through a variety of RIT events including the Study Abroad Fair, information tables, Pre-Departure etc. and by connecting with students one-on-one. The Global Ambassador is a paid position, and we recruit students at the beginning of each fall semester. For more information contact Cecelia Hencke at

Become A Global Citizen

A global citizen is someone who identifies with being part of an emerging world community and whose actions contribute to building this community's values and practices. As a returned study abroad student you have a unique opportunity to continue to build on your experience by getting involved in various ways:

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