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All majors at RIT can study abroad, and it’s an ideal opportunity for you to gain a new perspective on your major, understand the global reach of your field of study, and develop cross-cultural skills that will prepare you for your career. Planning early, discussing your plans with your academic advisor and working with a study abroad advisor to find a good program fit will set you on the path to have a memorable experience while staying on track to graduation.

  • Planning early and saving a few free electives or liberal arts courses to supplement your major-specific can provide you with more flexibility in program options.
  • If looking for major-specific coursework abroad, a good place to start is with your college specific info sheet which highlights the benefits of studying abroad for a particular career path and identifies overseas programs that provide course offerings that align with specific majors. (Remember that this tool is a starting point as you explore programs and you are not restricted to studying abroad on the programs listed on these sheets).
  • Always discuss with your academic advisor how the courses you choose to take abroad will count towards your degree. To ensure you stay on track to graduation, you will complete a course pre-approval form to determine how credit will be applied to your degree (your study abroad advisor will discuss this in more detail).
  • Remember that if you can’t fit a full semester abroad into your academic plan at RIT, summer programs and short-term faculty-led programs are a great alternative.

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Beyond Your Major Abroad
If you have flexibility in your academic path, you don’t have to limit yourself to taking major-specific coursework abroad!

  • Taking minor or immersion credits abroad is a great way to fit in a study abroad experience, may offer a wider variety of applicable coursework, and gives you more flexibility on the length of time you spend abroad. (this list outlines some programs abroad that have immersion-specific coursework)
  • Consider taking general education or elective courses abroad that might be on a unique subject that you’ve always been interested in or is a course that might not be offered at RIT.
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