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On campus

You can visit RIT Dining Services, for information regarding on campus dining including locations, open hours, menus, allergen and nutrition information.

Off campus grocery stores


Considered the best grocery store in the region, Wegman's offers a wide selection of foods, personal care and household items.


Walmart is the largest discount retailer in the U.S. You can find almost anything you want in here, and prices are generally low compared to other stores.


Target, like Walmart, is a discount retail store. You can find all types of items of slightly better quality and design from what you would find at Walmart.

Asia Food Market

The meat department carries an extensive variety of fresh and frozen cuts including standard items such as ribs, pork belly, fresh whole chickens ,and duck available daily. Specialties include typical Asian delicacies such as chicken feet and pork blood. Subject to availability, they also carry innards such as tripe, livers, kidneys, and tongues. You also can find the live seafood acquired daily from the ocean, Asian style bread, and bubble tea. If you do not want to cook today, you can just buy prepared food, such as roast pork, duck and chicken.

Spice Bazaar

This stores carries mostly products from India and ingredients for Indian food. Prices are very reasonable.

International Food Market

International Food Market is a Turkish grocery store in Jefferson Plaza. They carry a variety of meats, cheeses, frozen foods, spices, dry goods and sweets from Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Northern Africa, and the Indian subcontinent. This is a good place to find halal products.

International food market carries food brands from countries such Armenia, Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Germany, India, Middle East, Pakistan, Portugal, Russia and Serbia.

Public Market

The Rochester Public Market is one of the cheapest places to shop in Rochester. Produce is generally very high quality and at very low prices. The market takes place on Saturday mornings. During certain dates, RIT offers transportation to students to and from the public market.