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RIT Kosovo was founded in 2003 through a partnership between RIT and the American University in Kosovo Foundation. The University has grown to over 600 students and occupies a modern campus facility near the Germia Park area of Pristina – Kosovo’s capital city. Our Kosovo campus offers a dynamic educational environment with a diverse range of course offerings: liberal arts, information sciences, media, entrepreneurship and management. RIT Kosovo attracts students from more than 20 different countries. It offers students a great opportunity to interact in a multinational classroom and become better prepared for the globalized world we live in. The university strives to demonstrate its philosophy of tolerance and diversity, promoting these same values within the greater society.

The Campus

RIT Kosovo is located just outside of downtown Pristina, near the beautiful Germia National Park. The university is walking distance from most housing, restaurants and other popular Pristina locations. Public transportation is also reliable and affordable. The RIT Kosovo campus contains smart-classrooms, faculty and staff offices, library, cafeteria, computer labs, radio station, media center, and is fully equipped with the latest technology including wireless Internet access.

About Kosovo

Kosovo is known as the country of “young Europeans.”  Its citizens are well educated, multilingual, dynamic, and have an abundance of entrepreneurial spirit. Kosovo’s history is both a fascinating and tragic mix of conflict, occupation and emergence as a new country in the complicated political landscape of southeastern Europe. For over a decade it has been the focus of international organizations as it emerges as a member of the community of nations and aspires to EU membership.

Today, the country still faces many challenges. Approximately 45% of the population is below the World Bank poverty line of $1 per day and its per capita GDP is approximately $2,700. With challenges come opportunities. Kosovo is an excellent environment to study a wide range of issues in development and policy, while at the same time engaging in a safe and fun learning experience.

Kosovo is Europe’s newest democracy. It is a country with a population of approximately two million people, of which 500,000 live in the capital city of Pristina. More than 50% of the population is under the age of 30 and, as a result, the city possesses a vibrant nightlife and youthful culture. Wherever you travel throughout this historically significant country you will see beautiful architecture that has been shaped by both ancient European and Ottoman-era influences. Gain insights and outlooks on the Balkan region through relationships with new people from different backgrounds and cultures.

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