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RIT Global

We recommend you plan ahead and talk to your home campus advisor to determine the ideal time in your course of study to fit in the Global Scholar experience.

Application deadlines  
Applications open the first day of the Main Campus Spring Semester.
You will be able to apply for the following semesters: 

  • Fall 23 (AY23-24) 
  • Fall 23 & Spring 24 (AY23-24) 
  • Spring 24 (AY23-24) 
  • Spring 24 & Fall 24 (Spring AY23-24; Fall AY24-25)
    *Please note that students accepted for Spring of the upcoming academic year AND Spring of the upcoming academic year and the Fall of the academic year after that, may be subjected to a conditional acceptance by the department pending review of grades of the previous semester that the student plans to be a Global Scholar. For example, if a student applies for Spring 2024 on the February 25 deadline, he can be conditionally accepted pending Fall 23 grades.

Applications open the first day of the Main Campus Fall Semester.
You will be able to apply for: 

  • Spring 24 (AY23-24) 
  • Spring 24 & Fall 24 (Spring AY23-24; Fall AY24-25) 

*This will be the last opportunity to apply for Spring 2024. Students need to be aware that if they choose this deadline, they will be very tight on time to apply for their visa.

The following are average times for the application process: 

  • Decision from the department:  3-4 weeks, from the deadline until the student receives notification of whether they have been accepted or not. Acceptance e-mails will be sent out on a rolling basis as departments communicate their decision to the Global Office.
  • Confirmation from the student of participation in the program: 1 week, from the date student was notified of acceptance. This time may be extended at the request of the student. Students will be notified that the extension may result in delay of I-20 processing time, class enrollment and all other steps necessary to prepare for arrival to Rochester.
  • I-20 processing time: 3-4 weeks, from the day the Global Office receives all the necessary and correct documents along with the student’s confirmation of participation e-mail.