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There are many different types of insurance you may want to consider when traveling abroad. Talk to your family or support network about your need for these types of insurance.

International Health Insurance

RIT requires all students studying abroad to have international health insurance. The vast majority of students never have to use it, but it is best to have just in case. Students going abroad on an RIT study abroad program will be provided international health insurance:

RIT Programs (Global Campuses, Faculty-Led, Exchange Programs, RIT International Research)
Students will be covered by RIT's Travel Assistance Provider Chubb Educational Travel and will be emailed an insurance card and overview of the policy prior to leaving for your study abroad program. Chubb may provide assistance for finding local medical providers, coordination of illness/medical issues (including translation services if needed), coverage for medical care, doctor/hospital visits, and emergency evacuation due to accident, illness, or safety reasons.

More information about Chubb Educational Travel Insurance
RIT Affiliate Programs*
Students going on affiliate study abroad programs will have international health insurance coverage through your provider. Ask your program provider for details on your insurance coverage.

*A few of RIT's affiliate providers do not provide international health insurance - Budapest Semester in Mathematics, School for Field Studies, Siena School for Liberal Arts, Sea Semester, SRISA. RIT students studying abroad through one of these providers will be covered by RIT's travel assistance provider, Chubb Educational Travel.

Purchasing International Health Insurance
The resources below provide information on purchasing international health insurance if you are not covered under Chubb Educational Travel, your affiliate study abroad provider, or just wish to have supplemental insurance. When shopping for international health insurance, costs vary depending on the amount of coverage you want (typically $100,000) and if you want a co-pay.

Emergency Evacuation Insurance

Covers you if you need to be evacuated from a foreign country due to a natural disaster, political unrest, severe illness, or accident.  All RIT global campus, faculty-led, and exchange programs provide you with emergency evacuation coverage through Chubb Educational Travel. Many affiliate study abroad programs also provide coverage as part of their program (ask your affiliate provider).

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not required but can provide peace of mind when traveling. Policies generally provide coverage due to flight delays, stolen property, unexpected medical expenses, and trip interruption (i.e. if you need to return to the U.S. because you have a death in the family or a sick relative). Always read your policy carefully (especially in terms of trip interruption coverage). There may be specific requirements you need to meet to get costs reimbursed. - allows you to compare travel insurance policies

Cancel for Any Reason Insurance

Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) insurance goes further than typical travel insurance because it can help protect your investment in your study abroad program in the event you need to cancel for any reason including your own hesitancy or fear of an obstacle like COVID-19.

If you are interested in a trip insurance policy that includes CFAR, we would encourage you to explore Travel Insured International through broker, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. RIT Education Abroad has met with the team at Travel Insured International and thinks this is a comprehensive policy that provides 75% reimbursement for CFAR claims. Purchasing Cancel for Any Reason insurance is time-sensitive. It must be done within 21 days of paying your initial non-refundable study abroad program deposit. Get a quote at:

Personal Property Insurance

Consider purchasing a policy if you plan to travel with an expensive computer, phone, photography equipment, etc.
RIT offers an affordable personal property insurance plan through Arthurs J. Gallagher & Co.

Tuition Insurance

Most tuition and program fees are non-refundable. Tuition insurance may cover students who withdraw from a study abroad program due to a covered reason – may include illness, injury, psychological condition, or death of tuition payer. RIT has a provider – Before purchasing a policy with Grad Guard, make sure that a study abroad program would be covered. This insurance must be purchased before your first day of classes on your study abroad program.