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Places to buy food include: smaller mini-markets, supermarkets, fresh green markets restaurants, fast foods, and many more places. The local cuisine is influenced by many surrounding cultures from Italian (especially around the coast), German, French cuisine (continental Croatia) to Hungarian.  There are also some traces of Turkish or Greek influences, particularly in fast food and desserts.

There is a growing food culture taking place in Zagreb. In the last few years many different types of food restaurants have opened, from Wok places to healthy fast food. Just in the old town and city center there are many options to choose from.

The tap water in Croatia is drinkable, and of very high quality. The water contains a high mineral content, which is important to know when you use a dishwasher or an iron.

You can cook at home, which is the most affordable option and you can also go to restaurants. Students usually eat at student restaurants (“menza”), where Croatian students have subsidized prices.

Not everything leans towards traditional cuisine: try Nishta, which opened in Zagreb in 2014 after its immense success in Dubrovnik, for quality vegetarian food, or Royal India, one of the many Asian restaurants to open in recent years.

How can you avoid seafood? If seafood is present in a meal, the fact is usually stated with pride on the menu. Fish is called “riba” (reebah) in Croatian, and clams are called “školjke” (shcolke). To make sure, always ask the waiter.

Restaurants In Zagreb


Duksa - Offers thin, crusty pizza prepared in a wood oven with fresh basil, organic garlic, and extra virgin olive oil. It is a casual restaurant located across the Maximir park. Address: Duknoviceva 4

Karijola - Rated as Zagreb’s best pizza, there are two locations in Zagreb. Addresses: Vlaška 63 and Kranjčevićeva 16a. They also have another restaurant on the island of Vis. The prices vary from 28 Kuna - 56 Kuna.

Pizzeria Purger - Offers Italian cuisine, pizza and pasta selections. It is a casual dining location with a relaxing atmosphere. Address: Ozaljska 68

There are many more pizzerias in Zagreb, but these are just a few options to start with before you get to know the city.

International Cuisine

Asia - Restaurant Asia is the first traditional Chinese restaurant in Zagreb which opened in 1990. The restaurant has many satisfied guests which is the result of their top chefs and customer service. They offer a wide selection of traditional Chinese dishes including meat and vegetables as well as fish and seafood. Address: (there are two locations) Nova Ves 88, Zagreb and Šenoina 1, Zagreb (close to the main train station)

Sofra - Offers a variety of traditional Bosnian dishes that are very filling. The food offered is very good and the restaurant has a nice atmosphere. Addresses: (there are two locations) Radnička 50 and I Gardijske brigade Tigrovi 27 Borovje 

Takenoko Sushi Bar - A sushi bar offering a fusion of Asian food. There are two locations, one closer to town in Kaptol Centar and one near the Double Tree Hilton. This is a nice dining experience with quality food when you are in the mood for sushi. Address: Radnička cesta 37b, Kaptol Centar Nova Ves 17

Mex Cantina - Mex Cantina has been operating since 1998, and to this day has become the most famous Mexican restaurant in Zagreb thanks to the quality and large selection of authentic Mexican dishes. It offers good food and a comfortable atmosphere. Address: Savska cesta 154

Delicija Libanesi - Offers a wide menu of Lebanese food and a charming atmosphere. Address: Radnička cesta 48

Wok by Matija - Offers a healthy combination of color, taste, and smell with all of the meals prepared as their own original recipes. The only link with Chinese cuisine is that the food is heat-treated in a wok. Address: (there are two locations) Ilica 33 and Varsavska 16

Papas American Bar - A really good American burger place that leaves you with little room for the good desserts. They offer a selection of burgers, tortillas, sandwiches, hot dogs, Taquitos, salads and an assortment of desserts. It is located in town and offers an indoor and two outdoor venues. Adress: Tuškanac 1


Nishta - Serves selected vegetarian dishes with vegan options. It is recommended for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians and is located in the city center. Address: Masarykova 11/1

Vege Hop - Combining whole grains, vegetables and other ingredients rich in nutrients, top-quality chefs create a true feast for your palate. Address: Remetinečki gaj 2G


Sandwich Bar Pingvin - Located on one of the central streets, close to the Flower Square and Trg Ban Jelcica. It is a classic sandwich bar with a large menu. One of the most popular dishes is the toplo/hladno (hot/cold), grilled chicken and vegetable sandwich. Address: Nikole Tesle 10

Mali Medo – (beer bar) A traditional Croatian restaurant that has a lively atmosphere, youthful clientele, and affordable prices. It offers a menu of excellent ćevapčići and gulaš, not to mention superb beer. Meals cost between 20-40 Kuna. Address: Tkalčićeva 36

Pivnica Medvedgrad - (beer bar) Great food and beer for reasonable prices. Addresses: (three locations) Samoborska cesta 217, Božidara Adžije 16, Tkalčićeva 36

MOCA - Newly open at the main square that serves delicious and inexpensive fried, deep fried and baked potatoes with a large variety of dips for takeout. Cost is around 10 Kuna.

Nocturno - Offers a menu of different pizza and pasta. Address: Skalinska 4 (On Kaptol, between Tkalčićeva Street and the Cathedral)

Pizza Cut Duck - A pizza-slice bar that also serves fresh tortillas with veggie and/or meat filling. Address: Teslina Street.

Nicer restaurants: if you want to go for a nicer dinner to explore some excellent cuisine, you can try:

  • Bistro Apetit (French Restaurant) located in Jurjevska 65 or Masarykova 18 Obrtnički prolaz 7
  • Vinodol (Mediterranean Restaurant) located in Nikole Tesle 10, Zagreb, and Grad Zagreb
  • Carpaccio (Italian Restaurant) located in Teslina 14, Zagreb, Grad Zagreb

Grocery Store– Located all over the city, with smaller stores in each neighborhood, and large supermarkets in all key areas.

Green Markets – Open air green markets offer the opportunity to bargain and shop for fresh and inexpensive vegetables and other foods. It is a very healthy option for vegetables and fruits as well as dairy and meat products. Each neighborhood has one.

The most known green market is above the main square Ban Jelačić called Dolac. They usually open in the early morning hours and close by 6:00 pm.